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  1. If i come out of DCS and restart the game hangs on splash screen before progress bar. No mods installed. nothing shows in logs.. Have to reboot computer to get in again. Cheers.
  2. Been kicked off my server for being tainted 3 times now and don't have any mods or textures installed. Nice......
  3. Which is a pain in the arse because dedicated server likes over ride affinity masking further into boot. Cheers!
  4. I have 4 active datacentre servers that i can connect to by ip but they have dropped out of the server list. GG will reappear like magic after a restart. 2.5.6 stable
  5. Affinty mask is still overridden in stable release on dedicated server?? Please can you tell me why? I'm sorry but i don't see a mention of it in change logs! OB or stable. ? It even overrides 3rd party software firedeamon pro. worked fine before 2.5.6 will post a video tomorrow Kind regards, WOPR
  6. Use the stable release. I has much better performance and fewer bugs. Open beta is what it says.
  7. Sorted it! DCS was still running a service in background.
  8. I have tried the following. 1.) Ran DCS repair. 2.) Ran updater as Admin 3.) Tried a different assimp-vc140-mt.dll Still no joy?
  9. Hi, I just tried updating our dedicated server and get the following error. ERROR: Can't delete C:\DCS_SERVER\bin/assimp-vc140-mt.dll: (5) Access is denied. Anybody got a solution? Server 2012R2 that is up to date with lastest patches. Regards, WOP
  10. Hi folks just my two cents as a server host. What I would like to see is game modes/missions that come as part of the DCs world package and are supported by ED. As I work full time it's hard for me to get the time to to keep ontop of mission creating / editing and debugging after patch updates to run on our servers. What i would like to see are MP missions that can run straight out of the box and people will know what they are in for. I know the dynamic campaign is in development and that will be a god send when it arrives and is fully functioning but I fear that may be along time down the road from now. But as a stop gap could missions be made (payware or not)? a DF areana type of mission would be good. a PVP senario and a PVE senario? I know everybodies tastes in mission types and aircraft are different but a base mission with options to change as you like would be really good IMO.
  11. Thanks for your efforts I will defo try it out! :thumbup:
  12. Running multiple dedicated servers it makes life easy being able to set core affinity in the autoexec.cfg but this no longer works both on dedicated server or client install? Is this just temp thing, has it been replaced with a different command or just removed all together? affinity_mask = *** Kind regards, WOP
  13. After last patch the hawk aircraft is invisible in goshawk skin
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