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  1. Any advice??? All but one of my mods have disappeared from the ME and the main menu… The T-45 Goshawk mod works fine, but a whole fleet of ship mods no longer appear I have checked file paths and everything seems to be in order. The only thing I can think of is that I re-downloaded my OB version. Originally I had OB on C:\ and Release on a separate SSD. As C:\ was getting too full I deleted the release version and moved OB to that drive. HOWEVER, I had already deleted mods (C:\Users\etc) to try and save space and only copied the back once I had moved the OB
  2. Based on what I’ve previously read I can’t see that the GR.3 would make a viable FRS.1 stand in on any level (dedicated A2G role, no radar) particularly for the Falklands conflict, the FRS.1’s role was fleet defence first and foremost. Yes, the US provision of the 9L was key to the combat record, but if you read Sharkey Ward’s account, the Blue Fox was an asset for the Invincible’s 801 squadron at the very least
  3. According to the podcast referenced above ^^ The radar is still classified as it is the grandfather of the Typhoon radar (ok, ok, the Raz guy calls Blue Vixen not Blue Fox… but either way refs apparently aren’t available) BUT on the other hand, TG / HB are modelling the Typhoon anyway Do the German and British Typhoons carry different sensors??? If the Typhoon radar can be / is being modelled, then Raz need to go for a coffee, quick like I do like the idea of a GR.3 as a fallback, but it’s a pretty poor second to the FRS.1 oh, and to all the folks not clear on the SHAR being unique compared to the other Harrier versions - go look up it’s A2A combat stats
  4. I also thought it was about to drop, but wasn’t part of yesterday’s open beta update. Usually after an update the post is changed to “next update - TBA” (or similar) yesterday’s post is “next update - June”… …. so perhaps the map will be released for the 40th anniversary of the end of the conflict
  5. Quite right… … but I can’t see much point in having the islands in US hands (from a combat flight sim perspective) hopefully we will get some more news, images and videos over the summer
  6. I’m not sure about release being timed with the 40-year anniversary of the end of the conflict…. Raz have greatly expanded the map AND won’t yet have all the necessary assets for 1982. I think (hope) the map will be sooner, possibly with the assets pack to follow later???
  7. Next OB release is scheduled for Wednesday….
  8. According to Red Kite (last nav YT vid comments…), the next vid should be A2G
  9. What will you do…. Months ago, my plans for this map centred around fjords, mossies and ships right now though - what to do??? jump in something fast like the Mirage and bez around the map for a quick look-see??? or have a real good look around in the Gazelle…? choices, choices
  10. It features in yet another Wags Viper vids… must surely be close given the airtime
  11. Optimistic on this one… out of a list of “keenly awaited modules” this now seems like the most likely to drop - South Atlantic - Mirage F1 - F4U-1D Corsair - MB-339 any or all would be fantastic… (ETA - list order doesn’t indicate preference or expected release date)
  12. I also suspect that ED core changes can provide a curve ball to the 3rd party devs… didn’t ED revise the DCW:WW2 damage modelling and effects during the time period referenced? (I vaguely remember M3 stating that they wouldn’t be able to use the new WW2 DM…)
  13. … and there’s me thinking Black Buck
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