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  1. Cylinder head temperature modeling seems a bit off, maybe its still work in progress.
  2. I have to agree. As my previous post states, the aircraft feels better with less fuel, buts its a pain to trim and does not feel stable. The floating around almost feels like a very rearward centre of gravity.
  3. Its weird because another website stats min cruise is 27" and 2250 rpm
  4. I agree. This not only applies to the P-47 but the gain on all trim for all aircraft in DCS is too much. The gain should be reduced to half or even a quarter to what it is now. As others have said, rather have more precision than faster moving trim.
  5. I couldn't find power settings for climb and cruise in the P-47 included manual. I had to look up a third part website but I do not know if this is accurate or not. Does anyone know the power settings for takeoff, climb and cruise for the D-30?
  6. Does the P-47 support delayed fuses for bombing?
  7. Seems like it gets more stable with less fuel load. Its still a bit of a chore to trim out though.
  8. Does anyone else feel like the P-47 behaves in an unstable manner? It almost feels like its got a centre of gravity too far rear?
  9. Latest was, it is still in internal closed testing.
  10. Really love the new cockpit textures. So much more pleasing to the eye.
  11. SAU Recovery causes constant pitch oscillations as it struggles to trim for straight and level flight
  12. The ejected pilot has a green camo pattern texture applied all over.
  13. Well Steam Users cannot even buy the new modules.
  14. And steam users cannot even purchase it yet. :(
  15. I wasn't replying to you. I was responding to mytai01's post about German equipment being used by the Japanese.
  16. The Kawasaki Ki-61 used a licence built Daimler-Benz DB 601.
  17. DCS does support 2560x1440. If you decided to upgrade your monitor, keep in mind the higher resolution will put more strain on your graphics card so expect lower FPS compared to the 1920x1080 monitor.
  18. Can Maverick upload it to Youtube for later viewing?
  19. Ok, I experienced like you say in the Anton, the Dora was very bad with hits every time resulting in the vibration. The 109 is so bad that the g force of the vibrations can cause black out. I hope this gets patched quickly.
  20. Have you tried it with the 109?
  21. Good effect, but at the moment its completely broken. You take 2 or 3 rounds of ground fire from an APC and the aircraft gets the vibration. It has made online servers have run the Open Beta unplayable for the Blue side.
  22. I have tried to find the answer in the manual with no luck. Apologies if I have missed it somewhere in there. My question is fuel management on the P-51D. I understand the rear fuselage tank causes instability when filled up, and caused many inexperienced pilots deaths. So my theory is, fuselage tank selected first, then drop tanks, then left/right wing tanks? Firstly how do I know when to switch between the left and right external drop tanks? Did pilots switch after a predetermined time? Also are drop tanks run down until the engine starts to splutter as there is no way of knowing the fuel quantity remaining? Also is the fuel booster pump left on, or can it be switched off after takeoff and only turned back on when switching tanks?
  23. Well done, are you using VR or track ir?
  24. The following things severely impact the CPU. Visibility Range Shadows Terrain Object Shadows Trees Visibility The following impact the GPU Obviously resolution MSAA The following impacts system/gpu ram Textures Terrain textures Preload radius
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