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  1. Thank you IronMike. How to show up the glide slope indication windows? Best Regards rem27
  2. As per title, after multiple attempt and watching YouTube video, can’t land with ACLS, I didn’t have the iICLS glide slope windows (red, orange, green) to show on the right screen only the control windows is up. Maybe a noob question how to activate it thanks in advance rem27
  3. Really good job on those models. Any chance to have a destroyed model with them? already a lot of work done by you Hawkeye60 ! Best Regards Rem27
  4. Nice job Hawkeye. Those building were missing in DCS. just a question what is the difference between Osiris nuclear reactor and Osiris nuclear reactor v 0.99 ? thank you best regards rem27
  5. That's why I cann't move de Radar MODE rotary..... (Off; STBY; CT, A/G) Maybe Ctytler will find a way with his StreamDeck Plugin later on (I will send him Swiss Choclat! )
  6. Thank you Ctytler! I appreciate your help here. I try hard this weekend but no joy. I can read all the values but I cannot activate any switch. If you have some other version I give it a try and give you my feedback. Best regards Rem27
  7. Thank you, I'll give it a try tonight and give a feedback.
  8. Hi Bailey, Thank you for all your usefull advice in this SteamDeck Plugin section. I followed your advice in order to creat my A-4C SD profile (start with RADAR MODE) and when I'm in the SD ID Lockup I can choose the A-4C in the drop down menu but it is all empty. All other moduls works for me. What did I miss. Thank you in advance Best Regards Rem27
  9. Bonjour, Avez-vous lancé le programme en mode Administarteur? L'accès au lecteur D n'est pas en lecture seul ou protégé? Salutation et bonne chance Rem27
  10. Scoobie you are the best! How did you manage to get thoses new lamp DCS ID?. Thank you Best Regards Rem27
  11. Hi Every one, Thank you Scoobie for the excelent StreamDeck profile. After the last update of OpenBeta the lamp of the PCN: REC; BAD; VAL and MRC button didn't work. I try to find a solution but no chance. Did somebody found how to get the status of thoses 4 lamps? or where to find the info? Thank's in advance. Best Regards Rem27
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