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  1. Wasn't trying to do that. Apologies if it came off that way...I've only ever played offline. I have no idea how any of it works and was only asking genuine questions that I had.
  2. I'm interested in purchasing this software - will it be discounted now that its no longer usable online? Also, if I forget to disable it - is there any chance I could be banned? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hey all, I'm having a bit of difficulty setting this up properly. I purchased simvibe and it's working great with the telemetry from games like Assetto Corsa and iRacing...but it's obviously not meant for flight sims. The sound based way is fine and all - but it's better if it could be telemetry based. Is there any solution out there that gives even a simplified version of this for DCS world? I came across something for x-sim - but I think that was for a motion simulator - not a transducer setup. It also looked incredible complicated. I've looked for a few days now - and can't seem to find anything. Anybody here have a solution?
  4. For the record...I started this thread about a month ago...and I've been visiting the E-Shop everyday since. Very pleased that they are generous with the frequency of their sales.
  5. Thanks for the sale ED! I now own: A-10C Dora K4 P-51D Flaming Cliffs 3 I'll buy everything else the next sale!
  6. Thanks for all the replies...and thanks for a link to that site felthat...I'm going Mustang first. Then I'll grab the Dora. And yes...excellent summary WinterH!
  7. I discovered this amazing sim one day after the last sale, and I've been playing it a lot - mostly in the oculus rift. I've also been patiently checking the e-shop everyday for news of the next sale. But now I'm giving up. I already bought flaming cliffs 3 and love it...but now I'm looking for a full featured ww2 module. Does anyone have any recommendations for the easiest ww2 plane for a beginner to fly? Or any recommendations for the best ww2 module to fly in oculus rift mode? Thanks for any help.
  8. Lots of good buying advice. Thanks everyone. I'm in love with this game...starting to get my head around all the weapons systems on su25t now and having a blast.
  9. I recently bought an oculus DK2 and stumbled upon this game a few days ago. I am extremely impressed with the oculus implementation - it's perfect. It's going to bring a lot of new players to this game because it's literally the best oculus rift experience to date. Please have another sale soon so I can buy every module.
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