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  1. No difference on my end. The only way I can reproduce the hassle free takeoff many are speaking about is with the assistance settings on. Out.
  2. Thanks RAZBAM!! She's gorgeous, I think I will indeed paint her like one of my french girls. :D Many thanks also go to ED working hard to get us the bird on time! Now to break the news to the family.:megalol:
  3. Thanks RAZBAM! I can't wait, this is like Christmas as a kid all over again! Everyone just needs to stay positive :)
  4. It should be perfectly fine, also make sure if you have any custom sound sets for Windows installed you set them back to default to avoid permission issues, it seems strange though this was a massive problem for users that had them. Have fun! :thumbup:
  5. Ahh there we go, will try it as soon as I get home :) thank you, and thank you Jcbak! Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  6. Among all versions of DCS I've always found the process in which one places static AI tedious. I think it would be a great idea to provide preset static AI configuration options for airports. It just seems so empty if you aren't flying a mission with regular AI.. Now I know this has always been possible to set yourself, but in my honest opinion its just too tedious. Too much clicking and placing, setting headings and whatnot.. Especially with the amount of parking spots at Nellis! For everyone that doesn't know how, or doesn't have the time, this could be beneficial. I know it my case it would be! If it has been mentioned before disregard this post.. What does everyone think? *EDIT* Static vehicles, not sure where I got AI from....
  7. Dont know if you saw the PM, change the 'Terrain' folder name to 'terrains'.
  8. Sorry if its been answered previously, don't have too much time at the moment. Why exactly is everyone unsure if either will work? What in your opinion is most likely to? At the moment I'm on the FF one.
  9. Alot of us are having the same issues, they've definitely got their hands full for this one. Whether they choose to seek out another distribution method is still unknown. I too have been downloading now for over 13 hours, currently 10kb/s - 15kb/s and thats just the initial 2.0 release, no modules or NTTR.
  10. Haha Pauline Hanson for ED Forums! Roll on up everyone!
  11. Yeah that's right, subject to change not catastrophe.
  12. Exactly right, none of us want to whinge for no reason, we all just want NTTR:pilotfly:
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