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  1. Please God make this happen... I remember my EF2000 days... OH GOD PLEASE!!!
  2. Kokomakak

    Mirage F1

    I am constantly refreshing the website waiting for the post announcing the open beta for the Mirage F-1... no luck so far.
  3. Kokomakak

    Mirage F1

    With the F-16 announcement... I will have my top three favorite aircrafts of all time in DCS World: The P-51, the F-16 and the Mirage F1. I saw the pics of the Mirage in progress and I am itching to fly her... please make my dream come true!!!
  4. With today's announcement, I adjusted my budget for the rest of the year: 75% for purchase of new DCS World content... 25% to support a family of 5.
  5. The irony of using "Game Mode" on a "High Fidelity Module"... But I digressed because my beef is against the ludicrous listing of "Game"/"Real"/"Sim" control setups when they are pointless. Like you noticed, even in "Game Mode" they are not used. So while we could argue about the value of having a "Game Flight Mode", the odd listings in the controls setup drop down menu could be cleaned up now.
  6. Have you guys actually tried to use "Game Flight Mode"? It's broken... Only works for FC3 Module.
  7. I would agree with you if the "Game Mode" flight models were decent... THEY ARE NOT AND ARE UNPLAYABLE IN THEIR CURRENT STATE... Don't believe me? try it for yourself, you will find that trim on most planes don't work and the planes behave like they are on old rusted out dented, warped, bent, nicked worn out rails.
  8. With MAC coming out soon, I would love to see ED get rid of "Game Mode" for DCS World. When I looked at the controls setup drop down menu it looks messy with an odd mix of "Real", "Sim" and "Game" setups for the controls... I wish ED could remove these. I tried but I could not detect any difference between "Game Mode" controls and "Sim" controls. The L-39 is a perfect example as it does not have a "Game"/"Sim"/"Real" controls setup... simply L-39C and L-39ZA. It's useless... I hope most here will agree with me.
  9. JH-7 reminds me of Mirage F-1... This will fit nicely into my collection!
  10. Breaking Christmas Lights Am I the only one who takes pleasure in breaking the Christmas Lights on the Top Banner? I refresh the site and go at it over and over... It's addicting!
  11. Did you check your tail? your rudder could actually be missing...LOL
  12. If this plane turns out 1/10 better than the Hawk in its current state, I will support it with a full module price donation after it's completed as a thank you for all your hard work. Mark this response!
  13. Kokomakak

    Mirage F1

    Congratulations for an awesome job with the C-101... One of my favorite modules in DCS. This gives me confidence that the Mirage F-1 is in good hands with AvioDev. I just wished it was far enough for me to support it with a pre-order but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Keep up the good work AvioDev.
  14. But with ED's ultimate decision to not support the Hawk in future DCS World releases... there is no point in holding on to the Hawk. As buggy as it is now it's all downhill from update 2.5.4. This is not good news for anyone including ED but things like this always end up with someone getting screwed (recent Hawk buyers) and someone getting angry (current Hawk owners). Hawk death is hard to accept as in real life but it's time to move on. I personally accept it to be a loss (loss as in loss of potential entertainment and money invested).
  15. While I must admit that I tried to enjoy the Hawk in spite of its faults, GOOD RIDDANCE!!! I don't want my DCS World tainted with bad modules like the Hawk. I lost money on the Hawk but that's life... you win some you lose some. I instead am focusing all my attention on the future of DCS World.
  16. For one I think ED should tighten their grip... I love third parties like Heatblur, Razbaam and Aviodev but still ED should be very very strict with the level of quality being released by third parties. More quality is best (Looking at you F-14!) but definitely not less (Damn you Hawk!).
  17. The 0.001% is because there is always room for improvement:smilewink:
  18. The MiG-15 is now officially 99.99% "perfect":joystick::pilotfly::thumbup:
  19. The F-86 is hands down my favorite module... I love the MiG-15 also and I find both of them to be a real joy to fly. Sounds to me like your not making good use of the trim. Hawk is ok and I use it mostly for sightseeing. I love all my DCS Modules and like you I prefer a "buggy" Hawk to no Hawk at all.
  20. Well "Pokemon" was the thing when I was a "teenager" and therefore you "gotta catch them all!" All modules are worth it (except the Hawk!). Don't go crazy and actually purchase them all at once... just pick a plane, any plane; master it and then pickup another. The learning will never stop and believe me you don't want it to stop.
  21. You know I work in the aviation industry and we have a saying: "Read the manual!" so my suggestion to you is to do just that... the information contained within will undoubtedly enlighten you.:thumbup:
  22. If it's DCS World... you will enjoy everything!!! I have all modules and I can honestly say that my time is evenly split between FC3 aircraft and Full "clicky" modules, It's all good fun. The only module I never used so far is the Combined Arms module.
  23. It will get fixed in due time... patience my friend.
  24. Not all aircraft are for everybody... my interest in DCS is the "high fidelity" because it's the closest I will ever get to flying the real thing; so for me the type of aircraft does not matter; will I use it sometimes or not at all does not matter; knowing that I can pull any of them out of the hangar and re-master them anytime I want is what gives me my fix. Do cigarette smokers complain about the price of a carton of cigarette? you bet your ass but will they stop smoking because of it? HELL NO. It's like saying "Marlboro is 2 dollars more than Camel therefore I won't buy Marlboro"... good for you but somebody else will.
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