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  1. Okay,i forgot about the White Swan bomber too
  2. +1 For RAF Beaulieu and RAF Thorney Park for additional airfields.I hope Urga adds the cities of Southampton,Cowes Isle of Wight and Portsmouth for the updated map if there going to include London and Paris to the map in the future.Because the English coast is rather dull and lifeless.It would also make interesting missions for German aircraft to target the Spitfire factory and Royal Navy base in Portsmouth.
  3. They have the FH 105MM FH18 and Pak 40 AT Gun and Wespe SPG added to the assets pack recently so i think will get more in the future.The V-2 should be added to it,as well as the Hummel SPG,Grille SPG and Sturmtiger too along with more field arty for American,British,and German forces
  4. Don't forget TU-142 Bear and SH-60 Seahawk also need an update too
  5. I did the repair DCS World and it seemed to work as i tried it again and they showed up and fired just fine.
  6. They do appear in the units list of the USA and appear on the mission editor map when showing the units on the map when using show unit filter near the historic one.But when playing the mission and using the F7 key to cycle the units they don't show up.
  7. I tried creating a mission testing out the new M2A1 105MM Howitzer for firing at some enemy infantry but it doesn't show up at all for the mission when i play it.Is ED still waiting for new technology or adding artillerymen to make it functional.
  8. F-22 Raptor,F/A-18E Super Hornet,RQ-4 Global Hawk,V-22 Osprey,B-2 Spirit to go with the other American AI bombers and the C-5 Galaxy to round out the modern USA fleet.Same goes for additional variants of western and eastern aircraft and helos like the Antonov 124 and 225.
  9. When i'm testing my AI L-39 to do aerobatics from the Perform Tasks section and i choose the Dive,Climb or Barrel Roll.What does Initial Altitude and Speed mean on the side of maneuvers and does it have to match the altitude and speed to the main numbered waypoint on the Aircraft Group tab to perform it.
  10. Yeah,if ED does make the whole earth modeled then the Bearcat will be great for What If Missions and scenarios from WWII to the Indochina War.
  11. For an old naval warbird that didn't see action with US Forces in any conflict other than the French.There are quite a few flying today and in museums.They also probably have enough documentation from Grumman to model a realistic one for DCS.Same with the F7F Tigercat which also have a few examples flying today.
  12. Apparently,Wags said something like that in PC Pilot Magazine by Key Publishing.
  13. If were getting the entire modern globe in the future.That could make many interesting scenarios for third parties to make campaigns and historic WWII,Cold War,and Modern scenery maps like how Orbx does for FS and X plane.
  14. i wonder if that will include civilian airports like Passenger and GA and other small strips too and will that entice third parties to develop civilian aircraft alongside military vehicles too.I even see military trainers being utilized at the many training bases if ED makes the the whole US continent as well as bombing ranges and test sites.
  15. I guess if ED makes the whole earth map.I imagine it will be a modern present one like FS2020 with WWII and Cold War historic maps and scenery probably made by third parties like the Normandy and Channel Map is.Maybe will finally have a currant updated scenery and new airfields for the Caucasus along with the addition of Crimea,Syria with Iraq and Jordan,Persian Gulf with Qatar and Bahrain.I don't know how they'll make an historic transition from WWII to Modern era of the world.But i'm sure ED will think of something.
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