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  1. I discovered for my self, the aircraft needs to be shut down before being able to contact Batumi, as Frederf stated in his post Unfortunately, this means DCS does not support a HOT refuel or rearm scenario on a land base. You can land, but not get takeoff or taxi clearance requests. Hopefully, this will be fixed once DCS gets around to updating basic ATC. Super Carrier ATC seems to work well, at least for me. HOT refueling and rearming works well on the Super Carrier with no issues. To get around this land base issue, shut down the A/C. If you want to follow ATC protocol, it is necessary to ask the Tower permission to start the engines. I found a procedure after a Google search, which requires the Ground crew to apply Ground Power, and then perform minimal steps to get the radios powered up, before contacting Batumi and asking for permission to start up engines: 1)Turn Battery on 2) Contact Ground Crew on the intercom (Intercom seems to work with BAT switch ON) - ask Chief to Turn ON Ground Power 3) On Left Panel - EXT PWR switch - RESET - NORMAL (right click let return to NORMAL) 4) GND PWR switches 1, 2, and 4 - B ON (Left click each switch and hold for 3 seconds). 5) Radios have power - Turn ON COMM 1, 2, and ADF - Select CHAN and Set Volume As DESIRED 6) Program in Batumi Frequency on UFC and contact Tower for permission to start engines 7) Start the F-18 Bill Clark Note: I will ignore ATC on land bases because I need HOT rearm and refuel for mission I am creating.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for your help. Answer to questions, no I do not have easy comms ON,nor am I holding short of RWY position. What I will try next............... Also, I am not in a designated parking area, will see if I can line up with parking space. I will shut down the engine and see if this symbiology changes from this, "Batumi>>>" to this, "Batumi...," that will permit me to make a request. I see no reason for blocking the ability to communicate with the tower? Bill Clark
  3. When I land at Batumi in my F-18, then rearm and refuel, I am prevented from calling the Batumi Tower to get clearance to take off? Keep in mind, I was granted permission to land with no problems. This is a friendly base. The Air Traffic menu, looks like this "Batumi>>>>" Any ideas? Bill Clark
  4. I am a little confused about trim. I have been using the weight schedule to setup trim using the HAT switch on my HOTAS. On the left side of the cockpit, behind the throttles, is a "Trim Button." What function does this button have? Bill Clark
  5. Flappie, Thanks for the link, that takes care of the activation process. Any hints on the best way to uninstall the entire DCS sim and its modules? Bill Clark
  6. Hi, I screwed up my DCS openbeta system the other day, and have not been able to run the sim at all. What I want to do is completely uninstall the base DCS package and all my many modules consisting of scenery and aircraft. Since I can no longer launch DCS, how do I deactivate all my modules to preserve my purchase before re-installing everything again? Fortunately, I saved my DCS openbeta module located in the Saved Games Folder, where all my created missions and controller settings are located. I know I can go to the Program and Files folder to uninstall from here, but are there other file folders or module locations I need to remove as well? Bill Clark
  7. Unfortunately, my comments never made it to the descriptions section of the first post. Here is a summary of what was left out: After updating to DCS 2.7, I wanted to see how it was to view the sim using the HP Reverb G2 headset. When finished, I attempted to append the following after dcs.exe --force_disable_VR, which worked well with the previous version to startup in non-VR mode. In this case, it did not work with version 2.7, and would lockup DCS with no image. I had to use CTL ALT DEL to get the sim to halt before I could progress further It was suggested in another forum, that I perform a Repair. I did the Repair, and now I get the following error message (see below): Is this issue fixable, or will do I need to do a complete uninstall and reinstall? Bill Clark 00000.081 --- Log file: C:\Users\KILLER~1\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\autoupdate_templog.txt 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2021-05-06 23:09:50 00000.011 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.19041; Win64; en-US) 00000.011 INFO : src-id: 24d5f8ee266f56820c3a2b4568594f68e8dd773e, lib-id: bf64e300edca29ae7ef5ba1d4db27e53a1213fa2 00000.012 INFO : cmdline: "C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" 00000.080 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.080 INFO : basedir: C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta 00000.081 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00000.082 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,WWII-ARMOUR,F-5E,F-86F,UH-1H,A-10C,CA,P-51D,F-15C,A10C-REDFLAG_campaign,F15C-REDFLAG_campaign,NORMANDY_terrain,NEVADA_terrain,PERSIANGULF_terrain,FA-18C,SPITFIRE-MKIX,L-39,F-16C,SU-33,SUPERCARRIER,A-10C_2) 00000.082 INFO : branch: openbeta 00000.084 STATUS: Checking for updates... 00000.668 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00000.908 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00000.909 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,WWII-ARMOUR,F-5E,F-86F,UH-1H,A-10C,CA,P-51D,F-15C,A10C-REDFLAG_campaign,F15C-REDFLAG_campaign,NORMANDY_terrain,NEVADA_terrain,PERSIANGULF_terrain,FA-18C,SPITFIRE-MKIX,L-39,F-16C,SU-33,SUPERCARRIER,A-10C_2) 00000.909 INFO : branch: openbeta 00000.913 STATUS: Can't run C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin/DCS.exe: (740) The requested operation requires elevation.
  8. Svsmokey, Unfortunately, it didn't work. DCS appears to start up, then disappears from main screen, and DCS icon is in the sys tray. I then have to perform a CTL ALT DEL to shut DCS down as it is still running to recover. Bill Clark
  9. I used to have a modified DCS.EXE modification that permits me to start DCS in Non VR mode, it looked like this: ..........DCS.exe" --force_disable_VR Since updating to version 2.7, this concept no longer works, any suggestions? Bill
  10. Vander, it appears your firmware may be newer than mine. I have been flying a lot the last three days with no issue of buttons not working. What I might be able to attribute it to, is when I took off the back plate to inspect the wiring, I may have inadvertently fixed the issue while moving wires around a bit when I pressed down on the connectors. It may have been a stroke of luck, I just don't know. I won't declare my problem completely fixed, I will see what happens as time progresses!!! Bill Clark
  11. To get the firmware version, click on FIRMWARE button on Virpil Controls S/W, and you will see the Controller firmware file path. The firmware version is listed there. Bill Clark
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