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  1. I am sorry my friend but you can't expect to properly handle an aircraft without having the controls that it is designed to be controlled with.
  2. Thanks for the reply and your time to answer Yo-Yo and all. :pilotfly:
  3. Hello all, I put the Dora in a "Slow flight - Minimum Controlled Airspeed" (with full flaps down) configuration: remain straight and level by keeping the attitude appropriate to keep the airspeed at the minimum + power setting to keep the VSI steady at 0. Then the aircraft starts to wobble and the nose initiate a right rotation around it's longitudinal axis. I'm guessing due to p-factor but wobbling like that seems weird. Is it suppose to be doing that? I could upload a video showing it later if required.
  4. +1 But i'd like a Cessna To all of those not liking it unless it carries bombs: Why would you like to block your favorite sim from having more aircraft (like GA) which will attract with proper environment more people in it like FSX flyers? Yes, DCS is a combat simulator but most of all, it's a simulator unlike any other in physics. Why would you not want it to expand? Will this block your favorite aircraft? I think not since we have 3rd party developers doing it already (like Razbam's T-6 Texan II)
  5. Well..it IS a p-47 thread. Personally i'm in love with the P-38L
  6. They are pretty close in performance especially in high alt and they did find each other in the air in the Mediterranean. Of course each has it's own pros and cons and both variants saw service in '43... I don't think it's that crazy of a match-up.
  7. Patience guys..i guess someday someone will wake up and decide to model a 109 G6..perfect match for all allied aircraft imo
  8. Well, i think this video is great for P-51 flyers! Always a pleasure to watch and the checklist he follows is pretty similar to D model. You can see the moment he uncage the A.H. and when he resets it.
  9. May i ask on this subject..any news on the DCS T-6 Texan II? Razbam have it on their page but i don't see it on this list. Is it canceled? _____ RE: Thank you very much for your reply!
  10. Since i, once again, can't make it to Duxford, i'll be looking forward to your live streaming if it's possible to have one! Looking forward to the release to fly her :) Now if only someone made an Emil 7..
  11. I think he means IL-2 like cooperative missions. Missions that start all together from the ground, each side has an offence and a defence and the two sides are split according to these objectives, also you can't respawn after being shot down you have to wait for the next mission to start.
  12. Ofcourse the existing servers are fine. Even at this point of development of WW2, the servers are doing a great job creating different scenarios and mission types. Yes the "bombers" are An AI or whatever, but it is still a big plane capable of bombing and going down when you shoot it. And to me ofcourse, it doesn't make a difference if i destroy with a bomb a visual model of a ww2 tank or a modern era tank existing right now in DCS. It's stil la tank and the best we can get right now. Isn't that the point?To create something that fit our needs with what we ve got and have fun? It's not like we play world of tanks and we see them in detail diving on them with 400 kph. And the ping? Well, it's your ping. I never had any ping problems. Is it just me? I didn't mean to offend anybody with my statement, i guess i'm just bitter :) And words as well as the differences of native language make things sound different Isn't it what we really want? To make DCS WWII a thing as fast as it can be since we enjoy it so much? I want every WW2 plane on DCS and i want it now! lol i don't get the point of that statement. :pilotfly:
  13. I personally think visibility is OK-ish. Sure it needs improvement, but it's not that terrible. If you go out to fly a real plane and join the traffic pattern where 2 other aircraft are doing their landings as well, it's not that easy to spot them..and they are WHITE! Imagine if they had proper camo! I think it needs a very sharp eye to spot an small aircraft beyond 4nm. And to spot them you need to know where to look at, mostly by listening to the radio. What i DO think needs change in DCS World, is the scaling of everything. I think it needs a slight zoom in to everything. I have a 24 inch monitor and the size of...stuff..seems smaller for the distance you look at. Something like 2 clicks on the slow zoom key seems to do it for me. I think saying i won't play until a proper theater comes out for immersion and all, is kind of bull.. There are WW2 exclusive servers like the JG27 FlyingLegends that fix the visibility proplem, but i think only to make it easy for everyone to spot and not up to realistic standards. But temporarily, it fixes the problem. If everybody just join, instead of waiting, it would be fun for everybody who is really into WW2 aircraft. More people = more fun = not boring. Try to contribute to the community and not just wait for everything to be served for you ready.
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