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  1. Hi all, I'm having this issue since I changed my video card an MSI 1060 6gb. I play multiple games and never had an issue but with DCS i'm unable to play since it CTD every time it loads the mission. Someone can help me out solve this problem? Thanks in advance, Lynx11 dcs.log-20200804-110619.zip
  2. Same problem here with a MSI 1060 6gb. I have re-installed all the PC from the OS, Drivers and also hardware but nothing...
  3. Here your request, thx for support! dcs.log-20180429-125904.zip
  4. All done dcs.log-20180428-150649.zip
  5. tested also without CPU overclock but no changes, still same crash DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
  6. So DCS is the only sim that has issues with drivers with last graphic card. Give me a valid reason why I should underclock my graphic card (not overclocked) or my CPU that (overclocked) worked fine with DCS with my old 660ti and works fine with all other sim's that I'm playing. A reply like: "it is the graphic driver" is just useless in this topic I'm just asking a valid support for playing something I paid... not general sentences to demonstrate a general knowledge.
  7. Ok, and? It is a known problem but not a solution, next?
  8. Hi all, I have same issues here :( ... With my old 660ti I never had problems, now that I have my new 1060 6gb I can not play anymore this sim. I was waiting for the version 2.5.1 but nothing still same problems :mad: I can not belive there is no solution to this problem. btw I can play with all other simulators so the problem is only with DCS.
  9. All done, no way to let it work!
  10. Any uodate about the memory problem? I can not belive I can not play this game anymore...
  11. No way... it seems I can not play with it :( I tried all, also registry edit does not work. I did also a clean reinstall... nothing a Windows reinstall... nothing last test should be to go back to old graphic card but I will not do it... I will play something different that works...
  12. Thank you for the reply, I have tested what you suggested by decreasing the values of the video card but nothing. I tried also the game in low graphic settings but without succes. I reinstalled direct x 11 but still same problem. I can play Il2, Wt, Bliz without problems but DCS is not accepting my new card. What can I do more?
  13. Hi, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunatelly driver 388.71 is not detecting my new hardware. It seems that my card is from 2018 and has as device id 1C06 that is not supported by the driver 388.71 (last of 2017) but only from 2018 drivers... So I'm here waiting to fly with DCS... :doh:
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