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  1. I have issue with mi24 trim. It doesn't behave same as mi-8 trim. Mi-8 has perfect trim. Mi-24 doesn't trim to "click" position but it adds a little bit more, and sometimes it does that and sometimes not, not sure any more, at lower speeds it seems ok, but at higher speeds it adds more, maybe. Anyway it is not same as mi-8 trim. It might be how much does the program allow controls to be off center when returning to center , who knows. I am not happy with mi-24 trim.
  2. I experimented a bit and found out that: -If you use KMGU bombs frames drop significantly even on flat terrain with no objects on it, PLUS frames keep very low even after long period of time after when there are no visible animations or effects of bombs. - FPS drops only when looking on bombarded area -FPS drops even with other weapons IF you use them a lot on the same location, for example-enable unlimited weapons and keep firing unguided rockets at the same area on the ground -It seems that water in not affected by this -After installing MOD 3DmigotoDCS_VR_12.0 and changing setting in sim FPS return to normal (regarding time after explosion animation is done and further) -BUT even with this mod applied I get FPS drop if I continue to hit same place on the ground. For example, I drop 8xKMGU with su-25t, everything is fine, then I repeat this 5-10 times over same area, then FPS drop sticks to bomb drop location again.
  3. Compose.fx failed to compile. What am I doing wrong. I Can't start dcs after installing mod? 1-I made backup of my shaders 2- copy pasted (DCS World VR shaders mod by Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen)shaders to my dcs shaders 3-I copy pasted mod of Keijo "Kegetys" Ruotsalainen shader mod (from 3DmigotoDCS_VR_12.0 .zip) 4-I copy pasted 3DmigotoDCS_VR_12.0 bin folder to DCS bin folder Step 3 and 4 doesn't mater because error shows after step 2. I tried to apply step 3 and 4 after error but I get the same error after applying. Help!
  4. Yes, this needs to be fixed. It should behave like Mi-8 but it does not.
  5. Yes, I expected it to be like mi-8 but it is not, something is wrong with it.
  6. There is definitely something wrong with the trim.
  7. Regarding mi-24 trim fix, it is a lot better but sometimes it overcompesates for unknown reason. Closer to how mi-8 trim behaves but bit worse, maybe somehow AP channels interfere with trim. When you hold attitude,roll and yaw and pressing and releasing trim it should stay at that current pitch,roll,yaw(just like mi-8 does) but sometimes it does not. Also I think it could be the timing of the entire process, with mi-8 i have enough time to return stick to the center, maybe mi-24 doesn't allow that to happen , who knows.
  8. DCS stable release (I haven't played beta version for comparison -sorry) Thanks, I tried this and it works! But I never had this translation problem last for long, it would happen sometimes randomly I did not know that it was WMR calibration, translation would get online by itself after few minutes. so this is SOLVED now!
  9. I can't move my head in game (VR mode). I can only rotate. I am using Reverb G2 and I tried it with Mi-8 and SU-33, restarted pc, tried SP and MP same results. There is no translation of your head in VR only rotation. My hardware is fine, it works with MFS2020. If you need proof I will try to record it with my phone, if you want. EDIT1: DCS stable release
  10. Using DCS updater speed is 300 KB/s , I will never download this, I tried cancel to switch to HTTP and uninstall and download again but it is the same.
  11. Nevermind, it works now, I installed 2.2 version and copied FreeTrackClient.dll to bin folder. Do I still need headtracker.dll now that it works, I probably have it there already becouse I was runing freetrack noIR with it...thanks anyway
  12. I tried everything but Freetrack doesn't work in DCS 1.5. Freetrack noIR works but it doesn't support one ponit tracking. Can anyone summarize for me what do I exactly need to do to make Freetrack work in DCS?? (Assuming I have clean install of DCS 1.5 for example and properly working tracking device.) Please help!
  13. Hello! I noticed both Su25 and Su25T don't show rudder trim deflection on controls indicator (Ralt+Enter) and don't show visual deflection when actually looking at rudder from outside and trimming , nothing is moving,but it does have aerodynamic effect,and when taxiing aircraft moves to one side. Which proves that aircraft is trimmed. Aircraft control indicator shows when pitch and roll inputs are trimmed but for some reason yaw doesn't show, it stays centered. Only indicator of rudder deflection is green light in cockpit, the green light is on when centered. Is this bug or something else? Does anyone knows something about this? F15 and Su27 work fine regarding rudder deflection when trimming, visually and it shows on control indicator.
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