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  1. Management Summery Do NOT set "ALWAYS allow SRS Hotkeys" in Settings -> Profile Settings -> Controls /Cockpit Integration. It does not matter whether there is a conflict in the setting or not, if this is set, changing the radio in-cockpit will have no effect on SRS. Thanks to Ciribob and other for their patience and help... especially their patience *whew* who wants a beer?
  2. Congratulations on the first full version This has really become one of the most important tools I use for DCS Two questions: 1. How do I delete old, un-needed installation batch definitions? 2. Is there a guide on how to build a mod package with illustration, description, and version numbers, by scratch, instead of using the package editor?
  3. I don't know the symbology, but from my experience, when a radar signal report is made, at the same time an icon is presented at the edge of the TSD in the direction from which the radar signal is being received. The icon is usually something looking like a set of wings with the wingtips pointing upwards, in yellow I think--sorry I'm red-green colorblind. "searching" means the radar signal is in search mode. The source is named, and taken from the RWR's database. I can't always recognize what Betty is saying: "es-a-six". The SAM numbers are generally not an issue. "Roland" I recognize. But I got tracked by an F-16 yesterday--I know it was this F-16, because it was the only radar source in the area, and I saw it on the F-10 map --, the RWR report sounded like "ef-es-six" to me--YMMF. I also often hear something that sounds like "ef-ef", but I don't know what it is. "tracking" means the radar signal is tracking an aircraft. Tracking generally means a track-radar set is painting a specific flying object, by emitting only that sector of the sky with radar signals; ie it is directional. If your RWR is picking up a track signal, either your aircraft or an aircraft and you are inside the track-cone. It does not necessarily mean that you are within weapon range, but if not your are probably very close. "launch" means the RWR set has recognized that a missile has been launched. IR sensors positioned around the fuselage "see" an IR-signature of either an missile launch or the IR-signature of a missile in the air. It is not differentiated between friendly or enemy missiles. You will often receive reports of missile launches of squadron members or fast-movers attacking nearby, which is why you should always report "rifle" when firing a missile or rocket, so your squadron members know that the RWR report might be the cause. Hope this helps.
  4. So far, no help. Can anyone tell me HOW to make it work? Until now, everything worked out-of-the-box. Also, for Ciribob a request/suggestion. On the Controls page, make asserting a button/switch highlight the set control on the page. I can't remember exactly which number is which button, so this would make everything so much easier.
  5. I've tried the NoE setting out. This is my experience - YMMV. Using NoE is like running really fast while staring at your feet--it won't go well for you for long, if there is anything ahead of you. IIRC the Israelis invented, or at least perfected NoE flying. Fighting in the desert, where a hillock a couple of meters high could provide you with a place to hide from Sagger missiles, or a ridge only a few meters high could shield your movement from the enemy over long distances, but all only if you fly low enough. If you are struggling as a pilot to see what is on the ground immediately in-front of you, pulling your tail up will help give you the line-of-sight require. From my experience, using NoE puts the window frame, above and in-front of the pilot's head, right in your LOS to the horizon; and at 5-10 feet above the ground the horizon starts a couple hundred meters to your front. This means to see the horizon, you constantly have to duck in under the window frame, making it a major PITA. Besides, I never have the feeling I need to see more of the ground only a couple meters to my front. I also never really try to fly at 5 feet above the ground, because Daddy doesn't fly that good.
  6. First off, I'm talking about MP and not SP, so I have no control over the mission itself, no special zones, no special scripting, nothing. I had a Hawk battery with every launcher empty (no missiles at all). The battery did not have any trucks nearby. I moved a truck to the middle of the battery and waited. After 8 minutes ONE launcher was reloaded; the other three were still empty. After another 8 minutes a second launcher was loaded, with the other two empty. Could some server settings or some scripting in which I have no access to read? Sure; maybe; maybe not. I spent some time following Hawk missiles at the verge of their range. They are trying to steer toward the target, but they're just really bad at it. I did see one case, in which the missile, already long without engine power, exploding and taking out an SU-24. Maybe the issue is just the missile itself being very old technology. It reminds me of what I read about the differences between GBU kits and JDAM kits. GBU kits only allow for the control surfaces to be either straight or fully articulated, which makes for some crappy steering abilities. The JDAMS have not only much larger control surfaces, but can articulate those surfaces much more exactly; similar to the way a pilot articulates the control surfaces of the aircraft he's flying.
  7. So, basically SRS doesn't support the AH-64, except in that there is a work-around. I thought I was going a bit more nuts, but I guess I'm still at the normal level
  8. In the AH-64D Apache, when I select the radio I wish to used for transmission with the RTS (Radio Transmission Select) rocker on the EUFD (Enhanced Up-Front Display), SRS doesn't change to that radio. When I press the SRS PTT button, I see in the SRS overlay, the asterisk next to the top most radio. I can not change away from it. Do I need to configure something in SRS to get it to work?
  9. Okay, I can confirm that resupply does work. But as reported above, only when a launcher is completely empty. A supply truck can reload one completely empty launcher at a time. The launcher must be within the resupply range of the truck, about 100 meters--see the circle around the supply truck on the F10 map. Each reload process takes 8 minutes. Once one reload is completed, an other empty launcher can be reloaded, whereby the timer is reset to 8 minutes again. This means that a Hawk battery with 4 launchers, if completely empty of missiles, will take 32 minutes to completely reload the entire battery. If some launchers are empty while others are not, the empty launchers can be reloaded, while the launchers with missiles can still operate and engage the enemy. I did not test yet whether multiple trucks can resupply multiple launchers at the same time, but I suspect - yes. I noted that the Hawks were not using one launcher after the other, for what ever reason. I had a battery with one launcher with 3 missiles, while the other 3 had 1 each, which means, none of them could start reloading. Of course the battery then fired off the next three missiles, emptying the first three launchers at nearly the same time. It seems that the battery takes into account how far the launcher would need to turn, for selecting a launcher. Why--wHy WhY WHY?!?--they don't simply use one launcher until empty, allowing reload to start immediately, I have no idea. Maybe it's the real SOP. Maybe there are technical issues. I have no idea. I do know that it is a PITA and can leave a battery down for reload and susceptible to destruction, while being helpless. On a side note, the Hawk seems to operate rather stupidly, firing multiple missiles at aircraft right at the edge of its range, one from each launcher. The target turns away and the missiles apparently cannot steer while coasting--(???) those big, fat, fins seam useless. I watched a Hawk missile heading straight for an SU-24 when the missiles motor when out. It was only about 100-200 meters away and heading straight for the Fencer, but it didn't even attempt to turn a couple degrees toward the Fencer and coasted right past within about 30 meters without exploding at all. It seemed the AI used this trick to draw off all the Hawk missiles within a few minutes, leaving the battery only protected by a Roland, and open to destruction. Sad.
  10. Thanks for the replies, guys. This is happening on a 4YA server, and it might be something controlled by the server. I wanted to be sure, before opening a can of worms with 4YA. I'm going to have a closer and more direct look at the situation with the information you guys have provided. It's hard to tell if it's a bug, when you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Many thanks again
  11. From what I can tell, only units you can drive can be resupplied, because you must be in the unit and within range of a supply source (depot or truck) and press LALT + ' . But you cannot enter a SAM launcher to press LALT + ' , so how is it supposed to work? I thought I read that if you put a supply truck within 100 meters that should be enough, but I have Hawk sights using up their missiles and never reloading. What is one to do?
  12. After 172 views, I'm guessing there is no cockpit/dashboard photo in the Apache. I'm so disappointed jk @BIGNEWYPlease, be so friendly to put this thread over into the Wish List. Thank you
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