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  1. Syria map is nearly unplayable Sutter continuously , it like they did any work in optimization
  2. not practical and it don't fix the bug that have ben reported , also other aircraft are able to use ground crew to change laser code so no reason f-16 get similar feature
  3. hopefully they fix them soon but i also hope they add the ability to change the ba soon
  4. so will they give the ability to change ba because 1500feet is very ineffective normally i was using like 700 or 900 feet in the a-10c
  5. is there any way to change the cbu-97 ba height like whit the cbu-105
  6. i say m82 snake eyes not mk84 , fin don't deploy instantly on gbu-12 or they be hitting the wing wen released , there video of gbu12 drop and you clearly see that the fin don't totally deploy before they are a few feet away from the plane (you notice they deploy gradually ) skip at 3:04 to see the drop and use 0.25 playback speed let hypothetically say your right for triple gbu12 because one of them would be to close to the air frame but there still absolutely no reason for not be able to load at least two just like on pilon 3 and 7
  7. would not make sense since it possible to use 2000lb lgb and they are as big than 3x 500lb lgb together also there is the 3x mk82 snakeyes that have fin on them just like the lgb . if lgb could not work it should be the same for every other weapon on that station who have deployable fin . also the fin don't instantly deploy to avoid hitting the plane , at worst if it where to be true it should be still possible to have 2x 500lb lgb in the same way they are loaded on the pilon 3 and 7 also i cannot find the double gbu38 for station 3 and 7 anymore
  8. it not just the 88 it also the gps/ins bomb who cannot be used if that connection get removed
  9. just noticed that double jdam rack seam to be gone , any reason why ? also why there no triple or double rack for 500lb laser bomb on pilon 4 and 6 wen there is triple rack for dumb bomb of the same weight . if it possible to load 3x 500lb dumb bomb or 2000lb lgb on station 4 and 6 there no reason for not be able to load 3x 500lgb .
  10. wen the f16 block 50 came out of the factory they where able to use agm-88 and gps/ins bomb on pilon 4 an6 later usaf removed the connector to save money and that in no way a good reason to do the same in games just like usaf not using f86 anymore is not a reason for removing it from the games . as for people who cry ho it a simulator i like to remember it a plane simulator not a USAF regulation to save money simulator. if you fell to use payload that are used to reduce cost you are perfectly free to do it but don't go around impose it on other . i would not mind if pilon 4 and 6 where not able to use agm-88 and ins/gps because it was built this way but i clear that it was purely a usaf modification made later .
  11. the block 50 came out of factory whit those connection it why people have problem whit this. the people complain because the removal of pilon 4 and 6 connection is a USAF specific modification made to save money an the block 50 dint came out of the factory whit those connection removed , we should not be limited because of PERSONNAL preference of the USAF to save some money . if you fell to follow USAF regulation you where perfectly free to do it before the patch and have no valuable reason to imposes this on other who don't care at all about the USAF regulation and budget . Disconnecting pilon 4 and 6 because USAF did it is the equivalent of starting to remove plane from the games because the USAF don't use them anymore should we remove f14 , f86 and other plane that are not used today ? YES it a simulator but it not a usaf budget simulator .
  12. not enough that pilon 4 and 6 got nerfed to simulate the usaf cutting maintenance on the wiring to save money now you need to ruin the mav , can you guy just use payload you want and not ruin everyone one else fun because of your obsessions on payload made to save money to the usaf on maintenance . who are you to tell what other should be loading on there plane , you not a general or commanding any air force and setting up the rule as what people should be able to load .
  13. it normally able to launch 4 but usfa stopped maintaining the wiring to save money so it only able to launch 2 .
  14. this situation is quite ridiculous that f16 get nerfed to please a few people who are obese whit usaf regulation on what plane should carry to limit maintenance cost . if some one want to follow usaf regulation to save money they just have load payload they want
  15. it not just you lot of people have this issue
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