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  1. I'm expecting a new computer to arrive soon. In my current system, I have a dedicated SSD for DCS which will be physically transferred into the new computer. I have been away from DCS for quite a while but remember when it was necessary to de-register modules and terrains before upgrading system components. Is this no longer necessary - any advice for a seamless transfer please?
  2. ... noticed similar issue here but for me, it's just the first 'beep' which is missing - did you get it fixed?
  3. ... just an update everything working again after uninstalling and reinstalling keyboard drivers. will see how things go....
  4. I will bring this one up again as tonight I tried to continue work on a profile I created some time ago using the original Gadroc version of Helios but I am now using the latest BluFinBima version. Anyway, running the profile, all instruments function correctly but none of the toggle switches are sending their relevant key bindings from Helios to DCS. Testing: Manually pressing keys on the keyboard changes the position of the relevant switch in DCS Clicking any of the switches in DCS using the mouse activates the switch in the cockpit correctly and changes the position of the respective switch in the helios profile accordingly - Therefore, no sync issues from DCS to Helios. I have since determined that simple key bindings limited to one character or one number work but stop working when used in combination with 'special keys'. So, example: send keys Keyboard to k : does work send keys Keyboard to {LCONTROL}{LSHIFT}k : doesn't work I have reinstalled the latest version of helios (run as admin) UAC to minimum, AV disabled... all stuff I don't normally need to do but just in case... Anyone any ideas?
  5. Thanks Chuck, Just purchased this module to study and currently reading this fantastic guide - so informative and helpful - love your presentation style and attention to detail :thumbup:
  6. Hi Phil, I can't offer any help with this issue - just for the record, no problem here after updating software...
  7. Right, Ok... appreciate your help, gotcha now... so, where do I find the profile shown in the user-manual for the purposes of copy/paste the two radio items into my existing profile? If it means reinstalling the latest version to get to the new profile, maybe some kind person who already has the radio section in their profile will take a few minutes to export just the radio section to a custom profile and post it here so others can copy/paste the radio section into their existing profile
  8. OK, thanks... I don't own the F-14 module but I'm happy to purchase AIRIO if that's what I need to get the radio presets to work but I am still a bit confused. :book:
  9. I know not everyone likes to use TARGET but I am one of those that does, despite having unpredictable issues with my controllers for many years. I have come to the conclusion that it's best to only bind axis's to the combined controller in DCS and bind everything else in TARGET. Yes, more work up front but a good trade-off for improved reliability.
  10. I'm having the same problem - enlighten me please... I have VA and Vaicom Pro (registered) but do I also need to purchase AIRIO? I am not using the additional features which AIRIO was designed to support as I don't own the relevant module. However, I would like to add just the Radio Tuning Commands @Hollywood_315 :thumbup:
  11. Hello Stuart, I find sometimes T.A.R.G.E.T combines the controls but most times it doesn't and I would prefer it if it would just do one thing or the other but consistently! As things go, I would be happy to run without the controllers combined (but all the time) Looking at what you said earlier, how do you set that up please?
  12. Posted for reference purposes... Only applies to MacOS (Catalina), Webroot, Discord I recently installed the Discord desktop app on my MacBook Pro (OS Catalina) and was unable to assign key bindings for PTT etc. This issue is well documented and thought to be Catalina related I also have Webroot SecureAnywhere anti-virus software installed and I discovered that disabling this resolves this issue. However, I have since discovered that it is not necessary to disable Webroot. If you're having similar issues, try this... Check the tabs shown below (in bold) - Discord should be ticked: System Preferences Security & Privacy Privacy Microphone Accessibility Input Monitoring When Webroot installs, a small icon is placed on the right-hand side of the menu bar at the top of the screen. If you click on this icon, a small system tray displays a few options If you select ‘Pause Secure Keyboard Entry’ keybinding is now possible.
  13. ...another work of art - we are all so lucky to have you - thank you for another stunning profile
  14. My main display for DCS comprises of three 1920 x 1080 screens, physically positioned side-by-side, configured as a single screen (5760 x 1080) using AMD Eyefinity I also have a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen for Helios In DCS, my screen size is set to 7680 x 1080 By default, the Mi-8 Cargo Indicator appears in the top right-hand corner of the touchscreen. I would like to reposition the indicator so that it appears on the main display. I would like it to appear on right-hand side of the centre screen ideally a quarter of the way down from the top right-hand corner. I have tried suggestions in this and other similar posts, but none have provided a satisfactory result. Can anyone tell me how to move the green box and components within the green box?
  15. I think this might be a good place to ask this question... If wheel chocks are in place - at what point should they be removed during a cold start procedure? I am learning to fly the Mi8 but I think this also applies to other aircraft - once the rotors are turning, it's too late to request ground crew to remove the chocks - they just reply 'unable to comply' which makes sense.
  16. @Hollywood_315 Thank you for another great update to a fantastic product and the revised manual - 72 pages of pure goodness - if only all manuals were written so well!
  17. tested again tonight... all doors working when running my own 'custom mission' and 'instant action' but only left/right blisters when using 'create fast mission'... no probs / happy now :)
  18. @Kang Good point... doing some more tests later tonight because all doors operated correctly last night but, on reflection, instead of using an 'instant action' mission, I was flying one of my own 'custom' missions?
  19. @Art-J Good point, thanks but checked just in case, and my keys are mapped in Mi-8 'Sim' Do your doors operate as soon as cold start mission loads or do you have to switch things on in the cockpit ... battery etc? Maybe the hinges one my doors just need a bit of WD40 :megalol:
  20. ... that is good news but how do you do this please? I have tried pressing the keys when the helicopter is ready for take-off (i.e rotor/systems running etc) but nothing happens? :book:
  21. Many years after this was originally posted, seems like the right place to ask if the doors now work in 2020... I have mapped the key bindings from the list in DCS options menu - the blisters open/close but nothing else?
  22. @lefuneste01 the link you provided to the profile and tutorial doesn't appear to be working any more... I have lost the original download... can you provide another link please?
  23. @solidGad ... a challenge (for sure)... a few hours last night - got soooo close a few times but not the full monty :( Which other things have you got switched on? Thinking of auto-pilot and mode, magnetic brake? ... determined to beat it!
  24. @solidGad ... interesting, will try anything! I don't know if you're aware but if you set the NADIR to VS DER, your ground speed is shown on the top line of the display and this is quite useful
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