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  1. We will need SLI of 4090TI to render this in more than 5 frames per second I suppose
  2. AI needs a lot of improvement. However rejoin usually works for me, at least with F-16. You have to note that you can't just disengage from every situation, if enemy is close and firing missiles at your wingmen he has to defend and react accordingly.
  3. Lower speed = Higher AoA to maintain level = Higher Drag
  4. VAICOM recently started to always detect missions with easy coms "ON". But ofc, Easy coms is off, even forced OFF on most missions I play. I mostly fly F-16 but tried with Sabre and it was the same. Tried to reset settings but no luck. I can't confirm when it started to happen, it was always working fine until recently I noticed it and noting I have changed. I'd say it can be DCS bug sending somehting in the export.lua but then other people should also have the same.. I see VAICOM now looks like abandoned but if anyone has a clue how to resolve this, I'd appreciate EDIT: After checking more into it, it somehow ends up being reversed - If I select easy comms on in DCS, VAICOM shows Easy comms "off" and If I disable easy comms in DCS, VAICOM shows it ON. Tried both via options and via mission options. Also checked DCS config file saying ["easyCommunication"] = false, correctly. Go figure....
  5. Then why different people need different value ? For me, with default value everything looks tiny small, while for other same setup looks fine or even the opposite ? And I mean for me it is quite obviously everything is tiny, it is not subjective even debatable. I have a fr who tested my PC and for him it scaling looked good. If I put 61 as OP, regardless of the module, I feel like I am inside a toy plane I am using low 40s and all modules look similarly fine.
  6. it's the same thing. You need to adjust the world scale because it looks too small/big to you due to your eyes. The number you set does not correspond to your phisical IPD cause it is software and it is just some number that ED came out with to adjust the distance at which they render the two images.
  7. The IPD setting would vastly differ from person to person, and it is not even subjective opinion. It depends on the distance between your pupils of the eyes.
  8. F-16. Well I didn't wait that long as it seemed stuck. Will give it a shot and try to wait then. EDIT: Waiting like 2-3m and it loaded. Thanks
  9. It does not seem to work on latest OB. DCS freeze after slot selection
  10. Imho DCS has never been a game/sim designed for fast pace competitive PVP arena. There are plenty of such already and upcoming MAC is aimed for this as far as I am aware. Sure it can be done in DCS to certain level, but it is up to the mission designer and server admin and no MP feature can magically turn DCS into balanced MP action game. Just my 2 cents.
  11. There is a free mission recently released for the Viper which motivated me to open this wishlist topic. The mission designer is @fpullanojr - If you read the forums - thank you, I wish there were more missions with that attitude. Mission link bellow: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320035/ If DCS is to be called really a simulator, this ground crew assistance should be build in. DCS needs better ground crew implementation not just for the startup procedures but also rearm/dearm and refuel as well and better airbase operations in general. I know ATC is on the way already, I hope we will have ATC talking AI flights and I wish ED will also look into the ground crew and rearm and refuel procedure too.
  12. Yea, Thanks guys. I will apparently have to get more space for the moment. Regardless, this is pretty inefficient way from ED to implement it, considering how big the maps are and that more are coming it will be even worse. Therefore the wishlist request for ED remains . ED would also need to fix the system requirements, as 100GB of free space is not enough at all. May be 100 AFTER installation of dedi server.
  13. - Give AI wingman order for directions and ordnance like we can in A-10C - for example "Attack my target -> with bomb -> from the south" - Generally "Attack my target" for ground targets currently also does not do anything.
  14. It will be nice to be able to uninstall some of the maps to save disk space. I only use 2-3 maps but now I am not able to upgrade my server due lack of disk space. So far every big update was a nightmare to upgrade, had to delete the map folders or make a new install, but now even this does not work. And I only use 2-3 maps, the rest are just a waste of space. The system requirements says 100GB space, I have 120 which is not enough at all and since I am renting the server it is painful to get more space. Thanks.
  15. I like the in depth simulation of the many combat aircraft and the possibility of learn and experience them in VR. I hate everything else. AI (in all aspects, ATC, wingmen, opfor, ground units and so on) which is broken at every aspect making single player experience close to impossible or at least not on par with the aircraft simulation. Extremely outdated UI and (lack of)features. Static weather which remains the same throughout the mission Graphic engine, especially in terms to lightning, shadows and optimization. I am willing to pay even more for the modules(not some 3rd party) but use them in a different environment as DCS one just suck. Anything you try to do, create a mission be it SP or MP you have to constantly workaround bugs and issues which are hitting you on every step you take.
  16. Noticed that today as well. Viper AI will go vertical till it reach the moon to boom and zoom you. It is certainly new behavior.
  17. I just did a few BFM sets with F-5 against Hornet on rookie, and he was actually smarter than I thought he will be, and certainly smarter then he used to be. Constantly trying to keep the fight at two circle, even when I reverse he will counter and go for the two circle. no infinite loops either. Not bad at all. Have to test more but this looked somewhat promising
  18. Tested it and it doesn't quite work reliably. Sometimes he will stuck and do nothing, sometimes attack from random point, sometimes he will go in on top of the target and brake off without shooting. I am giving up on trying anything with the AI.
  19. Following your logic, Caucasus map is acceptable as Vietnam so you have it
  20. Not sure I understand what do you mean So If I want to DL him a target and use a DL point as an ingress point for AI to engage, how I do so ?
  21. I don't even know how and what to report here because everytime I repeat the same thing, AI do something different and always weird and funny I send him the DL point and command him to go to --> datalink point He replies roger and goes to completely different place. -> this repeats every time you send him a DL and send him to it initially Then I send him exactly the same datalink point 2nd time and this time he goes there and starts what it seems like a big orbit, basically pointless, additionally climbs very high so already useless manuever. I send him the same DL point 3rd time and command him go there, then he finally went there and hover but at 150meters AGL sitting duck. In one occasion during testing, while he was trying to hove at DL point high above ground, he dropped like a rock and crashed, unfortunately didn't capture this in the track. Track attached. KA50_Dumb.trk
  22. Korea 1952 map would be awesome even with the current modules we have. Vietnam 68 we have not a single module from that war so no point of this map at the moment. I agree with some of the points here tho. Like, PG map is very good, but why make it 2020 looks ? It's cool to fly it MSFS style and enjoy the fancy buildings of Dubai but not really even close for proper late 90s war environment. Why not make it look less "modern" and with more war atmosphere. Syria somewhat similar to PG even tho it's a bit better as syria cities aren't as fancy as Dubai even nowadays. I still think Caucasus is the best DCS map as it does not have that peace time fancy towns and airbases feeling. It works for any 90s-2000s scenarios. And 2nd to that is NTTR which is good to pretend some trainings and red flags. They could add some more bases and not rely on 476th to make it really a range but still. Desert Storm 91 would be amazing too, but sadly we don't have a single FF module to support this scenario aside F-14A. Afghanistan late 90s early 2000s is what would shine in DCS but sadly we don't have it I personally would enjoy a lot more 80s, early 90s variants of the "modern" modules, more interesting and challenging than droping JDAMs from 50k and Amraams from 30 miles. Also a bit more simple to properly reproduce scenarios. But sadly some part of the community just want as more modern as possible for whatever reason that is.
  23. 1. When told to recce XXkm/miles let him hover at the new location and engage from there if told to do so instead of rejoining. This way you can do bounding overwhatch with AI. 2. When instructed to "hold postition" let him hover and not orbit. Or ideally have a new option to clarify if he should hover or orbit. 3. When instruted to go to Datalink position, again have him hover or ideally have an option to further clarify. But better hover than orbit For all points, when wingmen is commanded to "cover me" while on any of the above locations, let him hover and cover you from there unless instructed to rejoin. 4. Make AI able to commit hover fire
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