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  1. So recently I’ve started flying the Viggie on the Cold War server and noticed now that I can’t adjust the manual frequency knobs to a lower freq, I have used it many times before and it now it appears bugged , I can’t get below 899 on the left anymore , what changed ?
  2. I can’t use the manual radio like I use too , the knobs won’t turn to a lower frequency like 251.000 , etc what changed ?
  3. We’ll get the phreakin phantom when they pheel ready to release it ..2023 be sure !
  4. Try the L version and go Hind hunting on Enigma’s Cold War Server ..epic
  5. You’ll gets it when you gets it , plenty of other helos to keep ya busy Gunny , try the Gazelle , I finally put some time in with it and have gotten to like it a lot .
  6. When I said don’t spade and neuter , I meant allow the Viggie to have her full compliment of A2A missles , ie: the 24 /74 , let the Mig21 have her full compliment of R60Ms , and since the F5 is limited to just 2 , let her have the AIM9PS or whatever A2A missles it could carry , I fly Blue or Red depending on the bribe . If you’re already doing this thanks , if you don’t , it’s all good , it’s your server , your rules , I look at DCS servers like a Mormon with 7 wives , you get tired or aggravated with one , then it’s time to rotate
  7. That’s why I prefer a late war IJN / IJAAF plane setup , Ki84 , N1K1 , J2M1…vs the Corsair , P51 , P47 and the Hellkitty when it gets added , not to mention the AI planes that would come also . I know it doesn’t go with the Mariana’s setup , but you could just put them on a default map until a Southern Japan map could be done .
  8. The Gazelle needs to have the L version added to this map also , just to be fair .
  9. You know , we will need a flyable twin engine Luftwaffe plane to counter this …Me 110 or 410 ?
  10. Just saw where one of Drakens F1’s crashed after takeoff from air base in Vegas killing the pilot
  11. New to the P47 , now is the early version D30 the only one with the MK8 ?
  12. Funeral for the Harrier will be tomorrow @ 1430 , in lieu of flowers please send money instead to the United Bolt Fund , nothing under $20 U.S. please .
  13. Are you going to allow the Mi24 to carry R60’s when they add them ? That would even out IMO with Gazelles having the Mistrals...
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