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  1. I normally don't complain but I am getting frustrated much more with this petty shit. Why in the world does this simulator still crash in the most simplistic way? Why do you guys keep making other projects when there are still issues? Why why why?????!!! I cant enjoy one normal multiplayer game without getting sent to the desktop and the simulator still running in the background. And when I try to get back in, it doesn't do anything. Come on!
  2. Uggghhhhh im sooo dumb! Thank you. I overlooked it or didn't look hard enough.:doh:
  3. Hello everyone! I have a question regarding my Cougar HOTAS flight stick and its MAN RNG/ UNCAGE and ANT ELEV turning knobs. Currently I have my profile set in FC3 options. I am not utilizing those turning knobs and as far as I know I couldn't find the option to set those two turning knobs to use in my favor to my full advantage. (Target Software is bit easier than FOXY but still tough to set and use in-game) Do I need to use T.A.R.G.E.T Software to actually use the full potential of my flight stick? Any help would be appreciated. I would like to utilize those two turning knobs to increase or decrease in zooming or using my elevation up and down for my Su-25T targeting system or just any fighter in general. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the update c0ff! BTW does this mean FC3 is out of beta stage and final product? If not, what else is bring brought forth?
  5. omg omg omg weeeee woooooooooooooooooooooooo this is the most exciting news ever!!!! THANKS ED!!!!!:beer::beer::cheer3nc::cheer3nc::cheer3nc::cheer3nc::yay::yay::yay::clap_2::clap_2::clap_2:
  6. Seems like UH-1 will be shredded by Mobile or stationary Anti-Air. Not capable for AA suppression so majority servers would probably have standard ground forces and less of fighter aircraft. SU-25s, A-10s, and the shark are going to be include but those aircraft can shoot them out of the sky easily.
  7. How is UH-1 be implemented in multiplayer? Are servers going to require for SAR before entering into another aircraft or this even possible?
  8. Great news to hear the 1.2.3 is finally here! Thank you ED. :thumbup::)! Mean while I will wait for the auto-updater to install it for me. :bye_2::punk::clap:
  9. Every single product of ED is worth every single penny! I don't own all of the products but I highly endorse the rest. Even though there are "better" "games" this isn't a game, its a simulator that takes time to learn and since it takes more than a brain to produces its not going to be flawless. I believe ED is going beyond what other "games" have out there! Other "games" are like movies, you go see a movie and its over with, even though you might seen that movie more than once, you still get the same results with little to no effort. That might be a not so good analogy but I hope you understand my point. FC3 worth the money, there are hiccups(all other "games" have them") currently but its being worked out. I see in the future, this company will endure and only increase popularity. Here's my opinion in what you might see in the future. ED DCS's can bring forth all of the aspects of "gaming online shooters, vehicular combat, infantry operations, aerial assaults, ground/air support, building bases/scenarios, improved graphics, more realism, battlefield virtual reality brought to you in your arm chair :D, dynamics in all aspects, and much much more.
  10. I want the 1.2.3 to release now. Its been too long for a version update but I can wait until all rest of the features are completed and final version of FC3 to come out along side the patch 1.2.3. Just make the announcement and my anticipation will go towards for it all to be released. Its been way too long and since its been that long we can wait until final version of FC3 is released. Good day.
  11. WAGS: All of this will be include in 1.2.3 unless it gets update before the auto-update release.
  12. No you are wrong. I thought the same thing until I looked closely at the updates. Its hard to spot but its there and also Wags put them with the a-10a 6dof and Su-27 6dof as a note that it will not be included in 1.2.3. It will only include in FC3 final release.
  13. Don't you guys already have fixed wing DCS A-10? And a 6dof F-15c? Bring on more Russian stuff please.
  14. Its nice to hear Wags talk about his life, projects and how everything got started but don't we all ready know these things and what is coming our way? Hopefully it will bring more simmers and customers!
  15. Been playing on this server just fine and after about couple to three hours, I was getting connection interruptions that sent me to the lobby. Is this the cause of high ping players joining or something else?
  16. I got confused, as there so many versions of everything (I only own FC3). But in the end its a good relief knowing that all of the new updates will take a long time to bring forth.
  17. So fc3 update is seperate from 1.2.3? So its going to be next year for 6dof release?
  18. Damned updates... Now im too impatient because i know they are almost done. Please release 6dof atleast. :d
  19. I agree with you, but I forgot that they are not just working on public simulators but also military government contracts as far as my knowledge goes. I want to see more people attracted to this type of simulator and when we get a product that is rushed and release with problems, I think we lose some of the new comers and give them bad taste. IMHO, I think ED should've waited in developing P-51 and A-10c and worked on stability. Now since we have KA-50, P-51, A-10C, FC3, and CA all over the place, its harder for them to correct the problems they are having now. If it was a financial issue that forced them to put out these rushed titles then I understand.
  20. For mig-29 or F-15C(I don't fly F-15C but am sure it works same for Mig-29), you have to hold down spacebar for few seconds or if you are using a joystick, then hold down the fire trigger for couple seconds and the missile should launch.
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