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  1. Did you find anyone to team up with, to learn F-18, etc. I'm also looking for someone. My e-mail is joeb@hkusa.com or joseph_buck_198@comcast.net
  2. I'm having some of the same problems. In the training tutorial I use the GBU-12 first, and I kill the target. then I go to the GBU-38 and do the same. Somehow in switching back to the laser-guided bomb something goes amiss. I make sure I use point track mode, then make the target SPI by using the TMS UP LONG command, and carefully line up for the bomb drop from at least 8000 feet AGL. But the bomb merrily drops in the middle of a field. It's a little difficult to accomplish the goals in Instant Action when I can't get some of my bombs to work.
  3. thanks everybody. I'll look into that.
  4. i got DCS world to work. Only thing is that it seems to be in Low Resolution, which is kind of a pisser. Any reason it would do that.
  5. i think i got it going now. Downloaded it and they didn't ask for credit card info. Just needed to put in my key code from previously purchased DVD. I hope i don't get surprise in the credit card statement. ;)
  6. found module manager, however I found the module manager in the DCS world menu, but I don't want to have to purchase A-10C as I already did that. Is it somewhere within the BUY menu where I can put in keycode that I've already got? thanks
  7. Please forgive me if this topic comes up repeatedly and I should "know better", but I'm new to the forum. I bought the DVD version of DCS A-10C 'bout a year and a half ago. So far so good. I've since downloaded DCS World. Problem is that A-10C doesn't seem to work within that environment automatically. If there is a way of getting me going there, I'd appreciate any detailed instructions--that is not leaving out half the stuff that you think I should already know. Please, anyone?
  8. Or..if you don't have a fancy-enough HOTAS setup, you can employ speed brakes with Control+B and retract them with Shift+B.
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