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  1. Nice ! Great to hear the project is still going. Keep up the good job !
  2. @Semor76 Those are some promising screenshots but that is a different project. The Razbam Mirage will only depict a very specific argentinian version of the Mirage III. VSN could use it as a base though, similar to what they did with the F/A-18D. As a swiss, I am still very interested in the VSN models
  3. I hate to be that guy but are there any news on this ? I have done some swiss skins and I just cannot wait to adapt them to the correct swiss 3d models ! Once done I'll release them for everybody to enjoy.
  4. Hi, I know it has probably been requested before but I think the situation has changed a bit since the release of the A-10CII... As you know, most Hornet operators worldwide, icluding the US, have now issued the MBU-20 as the standard oxygen mask. Some, like Switzerland, have always used it (since 1997 for this particular case). Thus I believe it would please a lot of people in the community if we could have the option to change to MBU-20 mask, via an argument in the description.lua of a particular livery (like for the different helmets). I saw that the new A-10CII model, which uses the same pilot and helmet 3d model, has this particular mask (see screenshot below). Therefore it should be a quick and easy addition to the Hornet. A way to put a smile on a lot of simmer's faces with a very reasonnable workload Current helmet/mask combo MBU-20 on the A-10 3d model (pilot model same as the F/A-18's one) Wanted combo, HGU-55P or JHMCS with MBU-20 mask (image : Swiss Air Force) I thank you very much in advance for reading this and I can't wait to see if it gets implemented ! Yours sincerely, Sylvain (VPS_Spit)
  5. Not only that but the visor is not connected to the helmet. It floats in cockpit.
  6. Thank you for the feedback! I will investigate that. Meanwhile here are the pilots done.
  7. WOW! Really looking forward to using this beauty again!
  8. WIP screenshot of anoter egyptian bird. Still a lot to do on it though.
  9. Great coincidence! :pilotfly: Thank you! It was corrected before I released it. Those screenshots were taken before. I just didn't notice when uploading them :doh:
  10. 13.06.2020 - Updated to the new model (2.5.6)
  11. May I ask you what font you used for the registrations on your skins? I am struggeling to find a convincing one...:helpsmilie: Thank you very much in advance :smilewink:
  12. Yup! they are too small. That's part of the tweaks I talked about. I just have to reinstall photoshop in my new PC :pilotfly: Thanks for the feedback though :thumbup:
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