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  1. Hello guys, some time ago I flew on the Aerobatics Server in the Yak 52. There was an option to start on a mountain ridge so no official airport. How do i do this myself? I searched in the mission editor for it but couldn't find anything which is frustrating. I already designed a little outpost with FARP and a small airfield for the Yak but can't start the mission there which is annoying. Hopefully you guys can help me out. Thanks!
  2. What Tranche and Block will we get and what are the included weapons?
  3. The problem is that I don't have the computer right now, it is at the shop.
  4. Well it did work for about 3 weeks ;) My computer: i5-4460, GTX 1060 6gb, 2x 8gb ram ddr3, Asus motherboard (I guess) anything else?
  5. Hello guys, I have two issues with my computer and I really need your help. The first issue: for some reason it froze and I had a couple of blue screens. After I had no solution for it, I went to a computer store. They repaired it and gave it back to me. I wanted to start it, but it switched itself off again. I brought it back to them and they took another look. Unfortunately they were really slow and it took them longer then expected. Some days later, I got it back. Because all data was lost and I had to install everything again I took it back after they showed me that it works fine. The issue wasn't completely fixed, I found out that the computer wouldn't start if it was cut off from power for some time. If it was connected and off and I switched it on, it started perfectly fine. I told them and since I always let it connected with power I didn't care. On Sunday, I opened the pc to check if I could install a ssd. After I closed it (didn't touch anything) it wouldn't start until the third time (because I cut it from power) and then got a lot of different blue screens. I made a list of it. Sometimes it crashed on start-up, on desktop, or even when I was turning it off. I called the computer shop and brought it to them. Today they called me and said that both my 8gb ram ddr3 sticks are broken. For some reason I can't believe them. I don't trust them because those are unreliable guys. I played them 128€ and now they tell me both ram sticks are dead and need replacement. The strange thing is that now the issue started just like the first one, where they put up a new Windows 10. What do you think? Is it just scam? Sorry for the long text but I thought the more info you guys have the better. Thanks
  6. Dear all, this is my first skin request. This one is about the P-51 of Joe Peterburs of the 20th fighter group, who shot down Walter Schuck in his Me 262. Here are some pictures of it. Would be great if some could make this as a tribute to him!
  7. Hello guys, my question is rather simple: especially my rudder pedals don't feel smooth anymore, it's a pain when flying helicopters. I think my stick could also use some new grease after a year now. So what type of grease do you use to maintain your hardware? I've seen a video on youtube ( ) where someone used Nyogel 767a grease on his thrustmaster t.16000m. Is this also good for my Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals? Thanks in advance:)
  8. True! Especially since Magnitude 3 does the Corsair. P-51 can do protective cover. The upcoming P-47 would also fit in
  9. Hello all, my request is that we get an official AI B-29 bomber for DCS. It is a very important piece of the Korean War for our F-86 and MiG-15. It doesn’t have to be as detailed as the B-17 for example I’d be very happy if it would meet the same level of detail as the Su-24 or Tu-22M3 bombers.
  10. Hallo guys, My thrustmaster Ruder Pedals could use some cleaning, what’s the vest Method to do it most effectively? I once applied grease but it didn’t help much. Any tips? Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, I had this problem in 2.2 already and it's also in 2.5. I think the screenshots say enough. I hope you can fix this sooner or later:)
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