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  1. Yea, I have 6 different shades of grey used for the cockpit labeling, none of them are pure white. Darkest is #575A5C, lightest is #C6CBCE. I could potentially turn up the whites but that'd double the size, which is already ~180MB once unpacked. Let me think about whether I want to do another spin or not. Since RAZBAM said their own english cockpit is finally on the way, I will probably just not bother.
  2. I appreciate the compliment, thanks. Not clear from the screenshot what, exactly, is being done differently. How much bigger does the text need to be? In many cases there's not much space for larger fonts. --gos
  3. Without going into much detail, this is known internally and being worked.
  4. I agree on the realism. However, the problem now is that each variant now occupies a slot in in the mission that cannot be replaced with another type. Thus instead of 8 gazelles available for use however the pilots choose to fly, we wind up with a 2/3/3 or 2/2/4 split or similar, which for a pilot who wants to fly one of the more in-demand variants, forces them to leave the server and fly somewhere else. It certainly would be possible to have these configuration details be a function of loadout, MiG-21 already does that if you arm the nuke. In that way, gazelle fans can actually hang out together without being forced to fly a specific variant. --gos
  5. The SRS thread has everything you need: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=169387
  6. Potentially yes, though it depends on how they're modeling the weather. Clouds form whenever moist air is cooled to the dewpoint. Ahead and behind a front will potentially have wildly different weather.
  7. possible, i haven't checked. will try to look on sunday evening when i'm back at my desk Edit: I looked, and none of the baseline lua has changed that I can tell, so it still should work correctly. --gos
  8. Unfortunately, that doesn't work because the M-2000C lua code doesn't support the scan for other cockpit options.
  9. Yea, I have no idea what technical challenges would be involved. Game engines are black magic to me. =P
  10. FWIW, I filed this request in the database. I don't know whether it'll get looked at, but at least we asked. It seems like a solid suggestion.
  11. My mod has to modify one of the lua files that ships with the M-2000C, so any update to the game will likely replace the file forcing a re-install. Thus, the behavior you saw is expected. My recommendation is to uninstall all mods before every update, then re-install after the update is complete. --gos
  12. Look at Scripts\Export.lua it has the export API in the comments and might be useful to you. Specifically: Coordinates convertion : {x,y,z} = LoGeoCoordinatesToLoCoordinates(longitude_degrees,latitude_degrees) {latitude,longitude} = LoLoCoordinatesToGeoCoordinates(x,z);
  13. At this time, it is only compatible with the Mi-8. --gos
  14. Watched your track and confirmed it, then generated my own demonstrating the same failure too. Bug is now filed, thanks! --gos
  15. Thanks. I tried to keep it subtle, but something I could use to confirm it was installed properly. Glad you like it. :pilotfly: --gos
  16. As of right now it passes IC. I cannot make any promises that it will pass in the future though. If either an English cockpit or IC-safe cockpit mods are important for your purchase of the module, you need to express that to RAZBAM, as I have no control over either. --gos
  17. That's normal if the unit hasn't warmed up. Can take about 10-15 seconds to find the satellites after power-on. In the nav chapter, last subpage, is a display of the overhead satellites. It has a bug where it will always show acquiring (which is filed) but once that gets to that display, you should have acquired GPS signals. If you are getting stuck with "No GPS Position" for longer than that, please let me know.
  18. Sure, but only 3 of them are paved I think, all in the western half. Akureyri vs Keflavik?
  19. you're way way way way way too low on approach, FYI
  20. So looked through everything tonight, and my English cockpit works fine for me in the current open beta, DCS If you removed your old options.lua, please make sure that you re-select "EN by Gospadin" as the cockpit option in the M-2000C special configuration settings. If you did your upgrade without removing my cockpit mod first, make sure that you run a repair then re-install my cockpit mod again using JSGME or OVGME. Also please make sure you're using version 0.93. --gos
  21. Maybe, but with a single land mass, you're limiting the map to carrier-only aircraft. You ideally want a large body of water that also has land on both sides, and possibly in the middle as well. Iceland could work, but then you'd also want Norway / Denmark / Northern UK as well.
  22. load the F-15 into model viewer and press the animate button if the head doesn't move vertically, then there's no vertical animation in the model itself. only ED would be able to fix that.
  23. Haven't had a chance to look yet. Will take a peek on Sunday when I'm back home. --gos
  24. Hahaha. As level said, just to the lighting system. We were right in the middle of lighting and some cockpit re-wrapping and retexturing when 2.5 became available, and we figured it was better to show a rough picture or two instead of waiting another week or so for the final lighting tweaks. --gos
  25. Community A-4E: January 2018 Update Hi everyone! Tiny update this month: Cockpit lighting. Thanks to some tips from Cobra847 (thanks!) on the technique, we were finally able to sort out variable intensity cockpit lighting. A bit of background, though. First, there's a set of white flood lights controlled by a rheostat on right side of the cockpit wall. These floods are quite bright, and there's one on each side, plus two white floods under the front glareshield pointing down over the front console. Additionally, on the right rear console is a set of interior lighting controls for the instruments and consoles. One rheostat controls the intensity of the instrument backlighting, and a second one controls the intensity of the console lettering backlighting. And finally, there's a 3-position switch to control the intensity of a set of 8 red flood lamps that are enabled whenever the console lettering is being illuminated. With the 2.5 drop, we still need a bunch of tuning and work, but we thought we could show some in-progress cockpit shots so you can get a feel for what the white and red floods will look like. This was just the floods, not the backlighting, so please excuse the incomplete nature of these systems. First, the red floods: ...and an early shot of the white side floods. In this photo, the glareshield white floods had not yet been implemented: A lot of last minute tweaks are being made, and hopefully we can make a small video in the next few days to show off where the lighting is at. Thanks everyone for your support! --gos
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