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  1. This stutter defect would be an extra burden on the eyes for a real pilot.
  2. I have a track where George is unable to use hellfires on targets within range. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbrmjr6ijkp0ugb/Through_The_Inferno_SYRIA_v3.1.0-20220421-175235.trk DxDiag.txt
  3. For all modules, I use the shift button plus the trigger. The next phase is a weapons test, one dose is enough and you will never be frustrated again.
  4. Holding the trim button of the fixed axes ensures that the centering time is completely under control.
  5. Rapid fire is very easy to touch, I use it to trim helicopters.
  6. You're right the menu is separate so you can, only if the hat will be at the same time as a trim in AI mode George will not be available. I apologize for the mystification.
  7. Unfortunately, it is not possible without a modifier.
  8. I would like to set the NVS On / Off switch via the template I am not successful.
  9. The tracks lead 10 years back to Black Shark, the parameter for other helicopters cannot be changed. Thanks for the link.
  10. You can show the exact path to the lua file, thank you.
  11. In my piece, each axis has lost some stiffness. Exactly the Y axis from 50-100% has more stiffness than the rest of the track, the X axis behaves the same, but it is no tragedy.
  12. I would take back the stronger stiffness of the damping, I remember when the NXT was new.
  13. I will add that the trim reset at VKB has an adjustable delay by a combined curve, ie the time for which the axes are to be centered smoothly.
  14. I use a brilliant VKB native trim that fixes the axes until you release the button. There is no need for time lag to center, a completely simple and functional solution for all helicopters.
  15. I fly mainly around noon , but thanks for the solution.
  16. Decrease in performance due to stretched shadows when the sun is low over the horizon.
  17. You can start using NIS from Nvidia, the same function as FSR from AMD. There are two games in the world that require TOP HW and that is DCS together with Star Citizen.
  18. Change the Trim.Time value to 500ms, the reset will be smooth.
  19. +1 Pls AI commands as separate keys without interface.
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