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  1. I have the same issue and can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong. I see the radio messages but there's no audio. I only hear the radio if the canopy is open.
  2. This has been immediately apparent from my first moments in the Apache. Something is wrong here. Any attempt for me to quickly control the yaw with my feet results in occilations with the FCS fighting me back and forth. I can fly all the other helos in DCS quite well, without the aid of VR, the Apache is the hardest, no question.
  3. It doesn't detect the missile itself, it detects the burning rocket motor, the system doesn't know if the missile has been destroyed or if the rocket motor has simply reached the end of its burn and the missile is still coming towards you. Seems correct to me.
  4. Are you sure you're reversing the correct input for the correct controller? This a core DCS function, zero reason it shouldn't work (I just tried it and it works). Even though I built a collective and obviously prefer it for flying helos, when I did use a throttle I never reversed the axis, I just never though of a throttle as a close enough analog to a collective, so reversing it didn't really seem to bring any more enjoyment or familiarity to flying helos.
  5. This was supposedly [REPORTED] over 5 years ago. The problem still persists and it carried itself over to the A-10C II as well. Is ED ever going to acknowledge this? We understand the MLWS isn't perfect, that's fine, nothing is ever perfect, but right now (for the past 5+ years, actually) it hardly ever works. Another video.
  6. I'm not a VR user and I've noticed terrible frame rates under the shelter at Ramat David, as soon as I roll out of the shelter the frame rate becomes acceptable. It doesn't get better with time, only when the aircraft is moved out of the shelter.
  7. Bug is still present, had it happen twice in MP since the latest patch and have had to ask for ground power.
  8. Sure, the countermeasure lua can be found \Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Cockpit\Scripts\AN_ALE40V\device\AN_ALE40V_params.lua IFFCC is in DCS \Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Cockpit\Scripts\IFFCC\SETTINGS.lua MFCDs are in \Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Cockpit\Scripts\MFCD\device\MFCD_left(right)_param.lua I tried to do other things like defaultTGP settings but was never able to make it work, now that we have the A-10C II upgrade, the TGP laser mode is latched by default which mostly makes that a moot point for me.
  9. Yes, at least for some things. I have my own countermeasure profiles, MFD configs, and IFFCC settings saved. They're buried in the lua files. I don't know about weapon profiles, I know the HMCS settings can't be done, which would be nice.
  10. I somehow missed that. I searched the quick start guide with no mention that it wasn't implemented yet. Thanks.
  11. The L stands for laser, I assume we're supposed to get laser warnings? Is anyone else getting laser warnings? I've had a lot of ATGMs fired at me but haven't gotten a single laser warning. It would improve SA to know you're being painted before an ATGM is launched at you. Am I missing something?
  12. Thank you @Asto, that code works for me now!
  13. I've considered it, but I use the lower monitor for other things besides DCS and rewiring my brain to move the mouse to the left or right to get to the physically lower monitor just isn't going to happen.
  14. Asto's code DOES NOT work with my monitor setup. The menu disappears completely. By default, the menu appears right in the middle of my main screen which is very annoying. Frankly, after many years of this happening with all sorts of modules, I'm very annoyed. Many of us use multi-monitors, someone at ED needs to be testing with multi-monitor setups.
  15. It follows those aiming indications. Not terribly useful, but it's neat to mess with.
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