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  1. so im guessing youtubers get acces to some developers build of WIP MAC to participate as testers? Then if MAC has gotten that far along i wonder when DCS community can expect some official announcements. Also Id hope that MAC will include updated cockpits for all of these aircraft, and thus in turn for us module owners. IT would seem silly to release a new game with simplified aircraft with those dated models.
  2. yes it would my mistake i overlooked that function in the manual
  3. a ccip viper should be capable of still having backwards compatibility with Lantirn no?
  4. Yup and then you realize the Brits had the right idea deciding to stick in more powerful engines into their Apaches.
  5. And i wont argue against F16 having better raw performance Hence my comment the F16 is a racehorse put into role of a warhorse. The only real advantage i feel the F16 has over the F18 is in raw performance, being able to produce better acceleration and reach a higher top speed. its a better joyride. But given the meta shift in aviation design , Avionics/ sensor supremacy has been proving more and more of higher importance than focus on raw power and how good an aircraft can do in 1 v 1 guns only. The epitome of this philosophy in present day is an aircraft like the F35. Thats the thing. When i Fly the F16 i wish i had stuff the Hornet ( including its high alpha ability) and when i fly the Hornet Im mostly content but certainly would like to have had the extra ompf of the Viper. Alas that performance impact of the F18 has to do with the nature with its carrier based needs.
  6. the Multi sensor integration even though its more limited in its implementation on the DCS hornet relative to IRL is still better than the Viper. You can display RWR information in the SA page as well as Radar page. Plus JHMCS shows much more RWR information than the viper which only shows the most critical threat . Moving map iis also nice for SA. Hornet also more flexible in its multirole in what it can carry as long with its employment of its sensor like the TGP i find its more flexible for attacking targets of opportunity versus the Viper. All in all F18 is a proper warhorse, F16 is a racehorse trying to be a warhorse.
  7. Kev2go

    CAS page

    but thats the thing. its not reliant on Link 16. I would think its criminal not to include CAS page when even Razbam has one on thier harrier. And ED has the already done something like this before since its a A10C with the MSG page. The only legitimate reason would not to do this if ED could claim that CAS page functionality is not part of ther documentation for this particular software suite in that particular timeframe. Although even that is called into doubt. Again IF a publicly available F18 Hornet Tacman was available for verification there would be no genuine denial of such a functionality. Otherwise we are at the mercey OF Ed to say "trust us its not there"
  8. To each his own. But I think the white font overlays better over the Moving map. maybe thats just me ( based on mod i used for font change and DDI changes) More important than font colour I certainly prefer seeing TGP and Radar Mapping in Greyscale.
  9. ok i mixed things up. Yes the most modern Natops I can find dated 2008. ends off at MC OFP 20X. what are changes between 20X and 23X? besides what you mentioned anything else?
  10. what additional features were added between OFP13C and OFP 23X? Just something to consider if you were to creep in a newer software suite and maintain accuracy and not do more hybridization. ( again assuming ED has the documentation?)
  11. Kev2go

    CAS page

    maybe ED excuse is it came with a newer software suite than what is represented in a circa 2005ish hornet. it certainly did become a thing at some point https://trace.tennessee.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3389&context=utk_gradthes
  12. Yea wonder if ED can confirm TA mode
  13. Kev2go


    we were promised to have Mk77 fire bomb for the Hornet. So i suppose maybe one day..... one day. It might come to DCS
  14. I thought the radar scope display in the cockpit was removed from A1H's by the time of the 1960s? I have A-1H 1965 natops manual and also a USAF based one from 1971 and its not referenced in cockpit layouts by that point.
  15. Can't say for sure, but I think it's just a color option. In DCS, you can choose your display font color in the Harrier through the EHSD page, as it carries modern MPCDs. But Legacy Hornets never had an option to change display? they had colour MPCD starting in 1989 introduced with lot 12's and then circa 2003ish MPCD's were starting to be replaced with AMPCD's. I have seen footage of some USN Legacy Hornets having white font on AMPCD . So i would assume its option it came only with a newer software suite than what we have in DCS on our legacy Hornet?
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