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  1. Hi, I tried a single and multiplayers mission to kill on board radars on boats. We were two, 8 AGM-88C, weapon hold for the frigate. All AGM-88C hit at good point but no damage on boat radar (still emitting MR signature). Same with FA18C lot 20 AI, 4 planes, 16 AGM-88C no damage. Is it possible to destroy boat radars with AGM-88C ? Thanks in advance Sunski34
  2. Hi, when using quadToAll, background color never fill the quad. That's ok with circleToAll Sunski
  3. Hi, I saw a new function getRunways for Airbase object in DCS Scripting function, without documentation. This function returns a indexed table started at 1 for each runway of an Airbase with course, center of runway, length and width. course value seems strange because to have the good heading, you must set heading = - course (in rad). The last value is Name strange too. But, you can now define a rectangle for each runway of an airbase. I tested it on Caucasus and Nevada (Nellis) and it's correct Hope that we can have soon ILS, for each side when existing. Pretty cool thanks. Sun
  4. Hi ATME was been updated and now the new version is V2.01 which is DCS 2.7 compatible. You should see french forum for more information. Actually, we a working on a new english version of the guide. Now, players and units are the same class and sound can be played to all players in a group. If you send me your mail in private, I should send you this version and example and help you to understand the changes. Sun
  5. Hi, in multiplayer, if i'm remote on server (not hosting), thoses bindings for radio buttons doesn't work. But in multiplayer when I host the mission or in single player, no problem. In all case, when in Custimize binding window, all is ok when I press. Is it a bug ? I think its a new problem. Sunski
  6. Bonjour à tous, voici le logiciel DCSLogViewer. Ce logiciel permet de charger soit un ancien log DCS, soit le log DCS courant. DCS peut être lancé en même temps et dans ce cas, le log est mis à jour automatiquement. Voici donc l'installeur et la documentation. Enjoy Sunski34 DCSLogViewerSetup.exe Manuel.pdf
  7. Hi, I tried the single message text, add 1.lua file in F18 KNEEBOARD. I see a new page but empty, no background no text ! I remplaced txt.init_pos = { h_center, v_center } with txt.init_pos = { 0, 0} et set local FONT = MakeFont({ used_DXUnicodeFontData = "font_dejavu_lgc_sans_condensed_17" }, { 0, 0, 0, 255 }) with local FONT = MakeFont({ used_DXUnicodeFontData = "font_dejavu_lgc_sans_condensed_17" }, { 255,255,255, 255 }) And no change ! Help !
  8. very cool thanks, so path is one path in computer like "D:\...\image.png" ? Another question, is it possible to link that lua file with one mission script lua file to put some dynamic variables depending of the mission and insert new pages during the mission ?
  9. Bonjour à tous, La version 2.01 d'ATME est enfin publiée avec doc et exemples. Cette version est compatible avec DCS 2.7.0 et suivantes. En début de ce thread, vous verrez les grandes évolutions. Voici donc les fichiers à télécharger. Le logiciel DCSLogViewer sera bientôt mis en ligne. Enjoy ATME. Sunski ATME V2.01.zip ATME V2.01 - Manual examples.zip ManueldeReference - ATME V201.zip
  10. Hi, That's very interesting ! Is it possible to have an example or a guide ? Thanks Note : I just see the other post with explanations. Thank you that's cool.
  11. sunski34

    DLL extensions

    Hi, I solved my problem. I just need to compile lua and generate a lua.dll and a lua.lib instead of a lua51.lib and dll. then I link my dll with the lib and now that's ok.
  12. Bonjour à tous, DCS 2.7 nous a conduit à retester et quelques dysfonctionnements dus à DCS nous ont contraint à ajuster nos développements. Du coup, nous avons pris un peu de retard et espérons une publication au cours de la première quinzaine de Juin, si tout va bien. Sunski
  13. sunski34

    DLL extensions

    Hi, nobody has an idea to help me?
  14. sunski34

    DLL extensions

    Hi, I saw this topic and trying to build my own DLL to add it to my GUI lua file. My DLL is found but the module isn't loaded. Try with and without Base Address set in VS 2019 linker configuration. Not sure this Base Address is needed. My Cpp code, nothing else than dllmain.cpp generated by VS 2019 : #include "pch.h" extern "C" { #include "lua.h" // the includes for the 64 bit LUA libray #include "lualib.h" #include "luaconf.h" #include "lauxlib.h" } static int imult(lua_State* L) { double a, b; a = (double)lua_tonumber(L, 1); // get all position report data from the stack b = (double)lua_tonumber(L, 2); lua_pushnumber(L, a * b); return 1; } static int EndOfApplication(lua_State* L) { // do all clean up for your DLL here in return 0; } /*********************************************************************************** COMMENT: This is the standardized list of all functions in your DLL. The first entry is the name that LUA understands, the second is the pointer to the DLL function GROUP: LUA DLL */ static const luaL_Reg Map[] = { {"mult", imult}, // receives a position report from the LUA script {NULL, NULL} }; /*********************************************************************************** COMMENT: This is the DLL entry point. The LUA loader searches for this function to be called. Take special car to the name of the function. In this case LUAext must be the name of the DLL GROUP: LUA DLL ENTRY: lua_State EXIT: int loaded by luaL_register onto the stack */ extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) int luaopen_ATMEDll(lua_State* L) { luaL_register(L, "Test", Map); // register the list of function return 1; } Actually : Lua 5.1 compiled in X64 env -> Ok got my lua51.lib VS 2019, create my dll in X64 Release conf -> Ok build ok. The DLL has been copied in Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\ATME\bin which name is ATMEDll.dll. In the folder, only that file is present. My lua file is simple : -- ATME GameGUI -- tests do -- local myPath = lfs.writedir() local dllATMEModPath = lfs.writedir()..'Mods\\tech\\ATME\\bin\\' package.cpath = package.cpath..";" .. dllATMEModPath .. "?.dll" local ATMEDll = require "ATMEDll" -- loads the DLL local ATMECallbacks = {} function ATMECallbacks.onMissionLoadEnd() end function ATMECallbacks.onSimulationStart() if DCS.isMultiplayer() == false then log.write("[ATME]",log.INFO, "Mission starts in SP") trigger.action.setUserFlag("Test", 1) else log.write("[ATME]",log.INFO, "Mission starts in MP") end end function ATMECallbacks.onSimulationFrame() end function ATMECallbacks.onPlayerConnect(id) local player = net.get_player_info(id) log.write("[ATME]",log.INFO, "New player " .. player.name .. " connected") end function ATMECallbacks.onGameEvent(event, id, slot) if event == "change_slot" then if DCS.isMultiplayer() == true then local player = net.get_player_info(id) log.write("[ATME]",log.INFO, "New player " .. player.name .. " starts") else log.write("[ATME]",log.INFO, "Player starts in SP") end end end function ATMECallbacks.onPlayerDisconnect(id,err_code) end DCS.setUserCallbacks(ATMECallbacks) log.write("[ATME]",log.INFO, "ATME successfully loaded") end My lua script works perfectly without the require line of course. But when started DCS I have that : 2021-05-20 07:52:57.904 DEBUG LuaGUI: Failed to exec user hook script ATMEGameGUI.lua: error loading module 'ATMEDll' from file '...\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\ATME\bin\ATMEDll.dll': Le module spécifié est introuvable. ... is the begining of the path, and good of course. "Le module spécifié est introuvable" means "The specified module could not be found." I think it's a calling convention problem or a VS environment configuration. Any idea ? Thanks in advance
  15. As a conclusion, there's no way to change a group with "Nothing" main task to any attack main task when group has been spawned. I must create for example a group with "Ground Attack" main task in ME (or directly in script with addGroup) and set the Weapon Hold value to ROE option to have a group ready to engage. Am I right?
  16. No that doesn't work. Setting main task in mission task doesn't change anything. Note that _waypoints are good and the aircraft will follow this route. task = { id = 'Mission', params = { airborne = true, task = "Ground Attack", route = { points = _waypoints, }, }, }
  17. Hi, I'm creating a mission about kurde attack on Tishrin on December 2015. But unlike IRL, the ban cannot be crossed with ground vehicles.
  18. Hope those billboards will ALL disapear as soon as possible. I bought a map to be just realistic. It's not a free map so no advertising PLEASE !
  19. sunski34

    DCS et la VR

    Bonjour, Autre possibilité un trackball, un peu d'adaptation au début car droitier et utilisation main gauche l'ayant posé à gauche derrière le throttle, la main tombe direct dessus ; ca marche bien aussi.
  20. Hi Grimes, Yes, I thought that the rules for tasking were like you asked. But the real problem is with the "Nothing" main task. For example, two missions with only a 'AttackMapObject' task and a group with one AV-8. The aircraft group is set to 'Nothing' in ME for the first mission and to 'Ground Attack' for the other. You can notice at 12:00:50 that the group fires an AGM65 in the mission called "test attack with Ground Attack.miz", but do nothing in the other one. I thought that the "Nothing" main task has a limited option like "weapon hold" set, but same result, with "Nothing" main task, the aircraft group never open fire when a attack, bombing or other task is set. Here is the very simple script : local zone = trigger.misc.getZone("MapTarget") local task = { id = "AttackMapObject", params = { point = {x = zone.point.x, y =zone.point.z}, weaponType = 262144, -- FireAndForgetASM expend = "Half", }, } local group = Group.getByName("Bombardier-1") group:getController():pushTask(task) In the other hand, when the aircraft group fly over ennemies with that pushed task and have "Ground Attack" main task, it engages ennemies. If you want the group do nothing, you have to set option WEAPON_HOLD : local zone = trigger.misc.getZone("MapTarget") local task = { id = "AttackMapObject", params = { point = {x = zone.point.x, y =zone.point.z}, weaponType = 262144, -- FireAndForgetASM expend = "Half", }, } local group = Group.getByName("Bombardier-1") -- Weapon Hold group:getController():setOption(AI.Option.Air.id.ROE, AI.Option.Air.val.ROE.WEAPON_HOLD) -- group:getController():pushTask(task) And finally, when the aircraft group fly over ennemies with that pushed task and have "Nothing" main task, it never engages ennemies even if WEAPON_FREE option set : local zone = trigger.misc.getZone("MapTarget") local task = { id = "AttackMapObject", params = { point = {x = zone.point.x, y =zone.point.z}, weaponType = 262144, -- FireAndForgetASM expend = "Half", }, } local group = Group.getByName("Bombardier-1") -- Weapon Free group:getController():setOption(AI.Option.Air.id.ROE, AI.Option.Air.val.ROE.WEAPON_FREE) -- group:getController():pushTask(task) So, when main task "Nothing" is set, is there something to do to force aircraft group to engage ? Thanks in advance Sunski. test attack task with Nothing.miz test attack task with Ground Attack.miz
  21. Hi, The good working of DCS tasks assigned to an aircraft group depends on the Main TASK or ROLE defined in ME or when spawning (string task value in lua). For exemple "Ground Attack" is necessary to have a good working of the "AttackGroup" task. But, when the group has been spawned, is it possible to change it during the mission, of course with a lua function ? Thanks in advance for your returns. Sunski.
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