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  1. I guess your question is basically if you can play Supercarrier on release date in the stable version? I am quite sure that this will not be possible even if 2.5.6 goes into stable befor the official release date. Most or all modules had some time in the Open Beta only. At least for a few weeks.
  2. Well if you zoom in your positional awareness is greatly reduced (at least mine) since the FOV is much lower then. I already have a rather hard time to manage everything during an approach. Zooming is an additional reach for my rotary on the throttle (with my left arm which is actually needed to remain on the throttle) while i try to maintain thrust, glide path and so on. As said I think some overlay display would solve all those problems. On a PC flight Sim not everybody has the same equipment or the same possibilities so some "hacks" are necessary to improve the audiences experience. Otherwise they should also remove the AXIS curves for the joysticks, the "special" tap in keybindings and so on. All of these things are "hacks" and "not necessary" if you have the right equipment. As another example, I sit rather far away from my 3 monitors (so this is also part of the reason why I have problems spotting the ball) since I use a tablemount and a flight chair in DCS. However, I also work and play other games so my monitor setup is geared towards my "normal sitting position" and not the sitting position for DCS. Of course, I could rearrange everything everytime I fly, but thats not realistic, unfortunately. This is another example why there should be some features that make the life for us as chair pilots easier. Setups are different, if you dont need some of such features, disable or dont use it. Additionally "realistic" is a quite "misleading" term for a PC flight sim in my opinion. Of course, such overlay display IS unrealistic. On the other hand in reality you feel the movement of the plane much better which makes some things "easier". Also you have a much better overall view and depth perception of your surroundings since you dont look "into the world" through a "window" (monitor(s)). Lets disregard VR for the moment which has its own issues...The point I am trying to make is that we are limited to an unrealistic setup anyways which makes our lifes sometimes even harder than in reality. So a helping hand in some cases is not as unrealistic as it may seem on the first sight.
  3. I agree with the OP, its also very hard to see for me as well. Sorry guys, if you can see it you may have better eyes, a better setup or whatever. Why are you argueing his opinion? What speaks agains some "popping up overlay window" where you can see the zoomed in IFLOS. Disable it if you dont want or need it...
  4. Is it just me or is there no keybinding for the HMD knob, yet?
  5. But is the Throttle able to "provide" more than 64 DX buttons? If I interprete the Software correctly it can "only" send 64 different DX buttons, but not more?
  6. So does it mean I can map more than 64 DX buttons actually in game? That would be great! :joystick:
  7. You can indeed use the "rotary mode switch" and expose the button presses to DCS, but it needs config from the VIRPIL software. As a default the Throttle has 49 DX buttons and you could set the 5 positions as buttons 50 - 54 for example. All will be bindable in DCS. You could even map pos 1 - 3 as shift states and map poss 4 - 5 as two separate buttons. One remark to the shift states: As far as I have experienced it you can "only" simulate a total of 64 DX buttons with this throttle. Having 49 DX buttons natively you can not have 5 x 49 DX buttons. You can map "a few functions" to shift states and assign a button. Example: Lets say in rotary on position 1 (default) pressing DX button 49 it will send DX button 49 to DCS. Additionally you can config the software that this buttons reacts on the shift state. That means on shift rotary position 2 it can be configured to send DX button 50 to DCS and so on. Howevery that means you can only add 15 additonal "virtual" buttons to the throttle. You cannot multiply all buttons by the number of shift states. Hope its clear what I mean...
  8. Also Virpil T-50 Base + Warthog grip and the new Virpil Throttle
  9. Thanks Gizzy, I know that :) Its still kind of a pain though (while I must admit after initial tinkering you probably wont change that very often) I simply saved my throttle profile and reload it for the current ID, which is an acceptable workaround and I dont have to do file renaming. Not sure how it behaves for other games though. I think in Elite Dangerous it "survived" the ID change. Maybe it detects the Throttle by the USB Name (VPC-Throttle) and not (additionally) the id and therefor keeps the settings. And thank you mdee! Looking forward to see the pics :)
  10. Just playing around with the software and am pretty impressed with the possibilities. :thumbup: Still trying to understand some stuff, but it gets better. Only issue I have is that it seems to get a new USB ID whenever I save my changes to the Throttle. So technically it is a new device if I understand it correctly. I added a button press when moving the throttle levers a little forward to be able to go from OFF to IDLE in the F-18. I added logical button 50 and 51 for it and then lost my bindings for the throttle in DCS because it seemed to get a new USB id. (Partly I can understand this since my device "magically" gained two more buttons) However wouldnt it be possible to somehow maintain one USB Id? I am talking about those random rumbers in the xxx.diff files for the control imputs. Yesterday I made my config, today I started up DCS to finish it. Then I decided to play around with config and did the changes mentioned above. Got back to DCS and all my Throttle config was gone. When redoing it, DCS saved the new diff file with a new id different from yesterdays. Elite Dangerous interestingly did maintain my setting, but it seems only to support 32 DX buttons so maybe it did not realize the two new buttons and therefor kept all settings.
  11. @Lenux It means that the T2 and T3 buttons which are two position switches will trigger the same button press when switched. Example: the T2 two pos switch will trigger DX button 32 when switched up AND down, but only for one press and not indefinitly. (like on the Warthog Throttle) it simulates a simple button press of the same button every switch up AND down. This is probably more useful for many games, but I agree you have to get used to it. Sometime it may be useful, sometimes not... I also hope that the behavior can be adjusted with Virpils software. Long story short: Switch it up -> DX button 32 is pressed for a short moment Switch it down -> DX button 32 is pressed for a short moment It will not hold DX button 32 pressed at least in the default config.
  12. I just received my Throttle! :) I ordered April 20th, got a shipping notice last Saturday. According to tracking the package was actually handed over to DPD on Monday and arrived in Germany today (not bad!). Ok now I have a couple of questions and remarks. Not sure how many people could assist, but I guess people will have the same issues so it might be helpful to others as well. 1. How to adjust the detents? Currently, no detents seem to be set. I know (or at least I think I know) that those screws below the throttle (not the holding screws, but those small silver ones) are used to adjust the detends. I also played around with them a little, but did not get any feedback. Possibly I am just too gentle, but would love some confirmation how to adjust the detents correctly. 2. Button usage: (just a remark) The default windows gamecontroller tool only shows 32 buttons so you might be upset that half of your buttons seem dead. This is NOT the case, just go into the game, they will all work there. Just tested it in DCS 3. What is the current software? There is some version on the EU virpil site, which is 07/08/18, but its still the "light" software which (to my knowledge) is only for calibration and firmware update. Is there already the full config software available? 4. Is there already some documentation available? This might also help with bullet No. 1 5. I guess the 5 way switch to set profiles can be configured only with the Virpil software. So depending on the answer of bullet 3 I would like to know if it makes sense to already sink some time into proper config in DCS with the native device without using the virpil software. I'm just asking because in case the Virpil software creates some virtual device (like TARGET from Thrustmaster does) I probably would need to start again once the Virpil Software is used... By the way without the software switching the 5 way profile switch has no effect. 6. Carefully check the bubble wrap for screws! I accidently threw away some screws that where hidden very well in the bubble wrap and under the dug tape...
  13. Well the original date was April 20th... (correction: that was the preorder start if I remember correctly) So 3+ month delay is not wrong... However, I am also not too excited about Virpils communication, but I see it being very close now. Its still a rather new company which has to iron certain things out so I will stick with them. (having no real other choice... and being very happy with the quality of the actual product, so the "secondary stuff" - like communication - does not matter too much to me - given the fact its a niche product manufacturer) I'm hopefully enjoying my joystick + throttle for the next ten years... Who cares about a 3 month delay after it has finally arrived...? I also would not expect the shipping mails before the end of the week. From my observations people started getting the WarBRD mails towards end of the week. Wouldnt expect it differently for the throttle. That said I hope that Virpil will improve their preorder and shipping processes for new products which seems to be likely since they have their own manufacturing hall + the new shops for EU, US and rest of world. I'm sure things will get better.
  14. Well I think its ok to offer "just one" goodie for the overall delay. I'm fine with that... What annoys me a little is the constant delays. First delay was like 2 weeks, then a rather long delay of a whole month which is still acceptable, but they promised that July 9th will be the last delay and now they are telling us that shipment will start next week (not sure about you, but isnt that another delay?) and not this week... And that "only" for the WarBRD guys. The Throttle preorders are scheduled after that... Now I wonder what does "after" mean? I would hope that all WarBRD preorders are shipped within a week or so... So that means that we can hope for a Throttle shipment starting in the "DCS legandary words: two weeks" the earliest...? Thats (at least) another two weeks delay of the promised 9th of July. I start getting a bit annoyed and as a more or less intelligent individual I start feeling a little mocked by the communication from Virpil. Here is a quote from their June 16th post: "We’re very excited to get these products in everyone’s hands and we’re standing by 9th July as the beginning of pre-order dispatches." I dont want to overanalyse every word and it seems close now, but their last announcement does not sound like the dispatches would begin today... Even not this week... Which is a little disappointing after a streak of delays... :( Well overall I doubt that I will get my hands on the throttle this month which is disappointing, but not a big problem. What annoys me is the communication. I just can recommend to improve that. I preordered to support them, but after this I'm not sure if I will preorder something from them again... Still buying because the quality of their products is good, but preorder again? Meh...
  15. I would also like to mention the price point with the summer sale at the moment... During the sale the Mirage is 50% off while the Hornet has its normal price point. So price might also be a point here. F18 is quite easy to fly and even if its in early access it will give you many opportunities at least later on. If price is an issue I'd recommend the Mirage and get the F18 later (maybe on a sale?) Otherwise if money is no issue I would recommend the F18 since you will get a lot for your money over time.
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