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  1. Hey guys, i need some help (like the title suggests) with creating a new default view for the F-14. After much experimentation i found out what works best for me, most of the time. And it looks something like this (the FoV isn't important here, the the direction of the "forward being towards the bore" does: I tried saving the look through the face tracking software but it doesn't work that well for me, so i'd like the make this a more permanent. Can anyone translate this view into a preset and instruct me how to make the changes to DCS myself? Thanks in advance!
  2. I got "lucky" tonight, if lucky is the word we can use here, and the stutters returned. I got a literal 5 to 12 call from a buddy in London for a short MP session, so jumped into DCS to warm up before flight. Punched the BFM instant action on the Caucasus map and bingo, stutters from the get go. Here's a short video of how they look like, with the performance window opened as well. Adding the priority line to an alternate shortcut leading directly to the DCS exe seems to have resolved the issue. Performance on the Through the Inferno wasn't great, but that was a server wide issue, not specific to me. Is this the kind of stutters you guys were having?
  3. Will keep this in mind, thanks! Last night and the night before i couldn't reproduce the issue, so maybe the power service was a fix. The stutters can occur on cycling through full screen or not, but that's a different matter and an even easier fix. Bookmarking this discussion!
  4. Another possibly related issue. Instant actions Syria - Lebanon Free Flight and Syria Devil's Edge BVR, both hot-starts, start with left and right oil temp warning lights on. Not sure if these are the only missions that do, but so far, it's the one's i've noticed in which this happens.
  5. Tried all the missions i did last night, with the same settings, and flew for about 2 and half hours. There were drops in performance naturally, but the repeating hiccups didn't occur this time around. This is my GPU usage from min to max. All on Syria map. I did some other missions, including aerial refuels and dogfights, just to tax the machine. This is the best i could get. Thoughts?
  6. Will try that tonight, when i get at home. Question 1: shouldn't VRAM, RAM and page file clear as i turn off DCS though? The stutters persist after it restart it manually. They only stop if it restarts itself when i change the settings. EDIT: it also happens on any map, it just happens to be Nevada and Syria i use most often. Once it does appear, it continues on any map as well. Question 2: What parameter i am supposed to observe here exactly? <enclosed screenshot> Or one of these?
  7. Someone should give this man a medal, and this thread a sticky! kudos!
  8. +1 for nav-grid-center airplane shortcut. This would golden for campaigns and actual missions, just like shortcuts for TID range are now. Also, is it possible to add a feature that would let us chose between Jester calling out bandit positions or airspeed during dogfights? Possibly in the dogfight menu? I know many people rely on the airspeed cues, but personally i find them of little use, and would prefer for him to scan for bandits, especially in multi bandit engagements.
  9. What angle of attack are you at during your low g accelerations? Also, what configuration?
  10. I noticed did during this evening's playing around with the Devil's Edge (F-14A) BVR instant action on the Syria map. It's a specific mission, as it's set around sunset. Sometimes, the HUD at the start would be in the default green tint, and sometimes in the red one. This is where the funny business starts. When the HUD is red at the start of the mission the handle that changes the HUD color isn't pulled. And pulling it, doesn't change the state of the HUD, naturally, as the act of pulling it, should switch it to red. Pushing it back switches the HUD to green. If the HUD is green at the start, pulling the handle switches it to red and vice versa, as expected. By the way, the mission was never started with fly again option, but started through the instant action menu. On one of these runs, i git poked in the right engine by an R-73. As a result the engine died, i entered into a low altitude flat spin and immediately ejected. As is a known and long lasting bug, every other mission start in an F-14A, be it on this mission or any other, resulted in a state of the right engine being dead from the very start. Taking another plane (even if it's an F-14B, even on the same mission), resolves the bug. Hypothesis, can these two bugs be related? Is it possible that on each instantiation of the F-14, the variables aren't properly reset to their defaults? Thus resulting in lingering states between missions/spawns? This was all in SP mind you, so no server-client issues.
  11. Some thread revival here, as i may have some helpful info. For the longest time i suffered from periodic hiccups in performance, that wouldn't always hit, but when they did they stayed there indefinitely, even after i restarted DCS. So about a week ago i found this forum and decided to try the disable power service and disable my anti virus during play. Lo and behold, this helped and the stutters did disappear. Until tonight that is. I flew around doing AAR, CASE I's and some instant action missions with no issues. And then i switched to a free flight mission during sunset. As i flew low over Beirut with all the city lights on the performance dropped (expectedly) from around 50 (my average) to around 30 or slightly bellow. This is when the funky stuff started again. After i flew over Beirut and into the sea, the average FPS got back to 50, but every few seconds it would drop to 30 or bellow. So turned off the mission. Started another mission in daylight and over desert. The stutters are back there as well. I change the map and the stutters remain. I turn off DCS, start it again and the stutters are still present. So in a moment of inspiration i change the resolution of DCS to the next lower 16:9 one (i was on 1980 x 1080 by default), DCS restarts itself for the settings to take effect, i start the same mission on Syria in brad daylight......et voila! The stutters are gone. I exit the mission, change the resolution to the default one, DCS restarts itself and the stutters are no longer there. I start flying real low, like treetop low over a densely forested area, the performance drops, and after i clear the area, the stutters are back. So what ever causes the stutters seems to go away when DCS restarts itself during settings change, but not during manual shut down of the program. @Flappie Did someone report or noticed anything similar thus far?
  12. True, but as you said yourself in one of your previous posts, the advent of early access changes that too, and more and more game are developed with constant feedback from the user base as well. These forums after all, are on such example.
  13. That's because nowadays most software doesn't exist until a client actually orders it, and that client tends to participate at least partially in its development through shifting requirements and providing feedback. It's quite often then even the client itself has no idea what they want when the order is initially placed, and the product crystalizes during the development cycle.
  14. The approach taken changes things mostly on the developer's side here, and not the end user. Either method can give authentic results and simulate dynamic departures and edge of flight envelop scenarios when done well, and modern sims no longer use just a simple single look-up table like they did back in the 90's. So if the same plane is simulated in two separate simulators that use different methods, but it's simulated correctly, we as users should not be able to tell the difference. But it will matter for the developer, as different types of data will be needed to design the flight model. Where we as users can tell there is a difference (as you say the "feel") is mostly in the way the flight dynamics are translated to us trough the interface, both graphical and audio, but also physical, that is our sticks, paddles, throttles and any other interfaces we have. All these can make the plane feel vastly different. A most simple example would be, just adding some curves to your joystick. In the Su-27 and the F-14 it could be difference between having your wings on or off after a single pull. But anyway your stick is configured, that plane still has the same climb rate or top mach when flown under the same parameters. As for the level of accuracy we can expect..... that's much more difficult to address. For one, we don't know what the real performance is of the jet hereby concerned. If we must go by a general answer, that my recommendation would be, a level that doesn't allow for statistically important differences in performance and tactically non-authentic use of the said machine/weapon system.
  15. Regarding this.... I have to go with this. As a software engineer i often face the same predicament, especially when the backend and the frontend a outsourced to different contractors. And one of those may be lagging behind the schedule due to some reason or other. But that is NEVER a client issue. The client expects results for the price/fee he/she has paid.
  16. Not always. I have never dabbled in the DCS lookup tables, but from some others i've worked on, there are few ways to go about it and lift and drag quotients are usually alpha dependent values. That is you have a look up table for different values of angle of attack and altitude and mach get in play only when you start your lift and drag force calculations. Certainly so for subsonic maneuvering. So a good engine, and atmosphere model still gets you precise enough data.
  17. Difficult to say, and always in motion due to ED constantly working on the AI and updating with every patch even though you may not see the changes in the changelog. Just tonight i engaged some old BFM training missions i used to play last year against various AI's (all 4th gens in essence) and the AI fought vastly different then it did last November. So all the tests and conclusions i had reached back then are no longer valid. Not even the same plane will fight the same based on the model used. I.E. the block 50-52 AI only model seems to behave quite differently then the player block 50-52 when controlled by the same level of AI. So you can't use them as a comparison. Not even performance wise, as the AI's use different flight models anyways.
  18. Hey i enjoy it too and it's still the plane i spend more then 90% of my DCS time in, but let's be real, the FM hasn't been touched in a long time. If you only do dogfights, this may not concern you, nor you may notice anything wrong with it, but transonic and above? It's far from perfect. In fact, it's far from even being close. This. Gone are the times of this being time sharing between the VIggen and the Tomcat. So the question is legitimate. How high a priority the FM has?
  19. Did the Iranians ever field Sparrows on their Turkeys?
  20. I don't think 'worth' is what people who voted in the poll or who favor classic 1970's jet otherwise are into. People going for 'worth' always tend to flock to the latest and most capable variants possible. And want as many and as latest features available. People that are fans of the 70's jets are IMO more into the history and nostalgia factor. To me at least, first cruise Tomcats or AIM/ACEVAL Tomcats are much more dearer and contextually significant. They also look fancier with their high viz paint schemes. Modern HUDs? Data buses for GPS guided ammunition? Digital avionics? Nah.... that's for the sunset guys. I'm there for the dawn and maybe early noon.
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