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  1. i found 2 tips for Apache, Quest 2, I5 12600k, 40gb, 1tb ssd, 3060Ti, i have the same problem with fps, dropped to 45 with maximum performance to 7,8, 11 fps with Apache, my 2 tips it's low the Preload Radius to minimum and start the Apache ON, i don't now why if low my MSAA 4 to Off my fps low too, same with anisotrophic filter wit 16x to 2x the same problem and i use OTT (oculus Tray Tools for best performance) but when flow F-16 F-14 the fps up to 45 and stay 45 fps like a stamp in any map
  2. same problem with OQ2 (but without SteamVR because i not need it), FPS dropped from 40-45 to 09-13 FPS in multiplayer with OQ2 3060ti, 40gb ram, i5 9400, 500gb SSD m.2, ED where are you, need your help before AH-64 released
  3. sorry 24 fps it's not good for me, you can up to 40-45 fps and you will see the difference
  4. WOOOOW looks Amazing, i can't wait to download, one of my favorites Aircraft in WWII
  5. some news to when can we downlload it? i see this mod Amazing in youtube videos
  6. i can't found the V15 for this fantastic MOD, can someone give me the way to download it? thank you 7 special tanks to TAZ1004 for this
  7. Hi Rusky and TOViper, i made exacly like yours instructions step by step but my 2 folders it's empty why? before run the mklink i have 2 folders DCS open beta.new and DCS open beta. backup, right? when i type mklink /j "D:\DCS.Openbeta" "D:\DCS.Openbeta.new" hit ENTER say junction created for D:\DCS.Openbeta <<===>> D:\DCS.Openbeta.new and now i have 3 sub folders DCS open beta.new(empty) , DCS open beta.backup (original files) & DCS open beta (empty) it's that correct? but if the 2 folders it's empty why i need to CUT & PASTE, well i make it like instructions say but for me the problem persist, help please
  8. same problem here, 40-45 fps to 7,8-12 fps after press F10 map
  9. Draken sorry it's not working for me, i have too many short circuits in my Q2 video,
  10. thank you Aquorys but not working for me, try several times but not work for me, and i think that this is the combination RTX 30XX and Oculus Quest 2, because i unpacking my old VR Samsung Odyssey Plus and it's working perfect, but the resolution between OQ2 and Samsung is abysmal
  11. maybe but i use Q2 9 moths ago, with my rx 580, but now i buy a 3060Ti to fly with more fps, and it's problematic and sad
  12. i have the same problem, with my Oculus Quest 2 and my new 3060Ti, i start good and after 5-10 min the fps dropped from 40-45 to 8-12 fps in multiplayer and single, i try all that your say up, but nothing happen, the problem persist, if someone found the solution to this problem,please tell us. Wolfpack_VR
  13. Amazing, where can we download it?
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