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  1. Clean install, Repaired, GPU drivers updated and still crashing. Would be nice for a reply on this issue.
  2. You guys might like this VID:
  3. Perfect rwr 3/9 come back to bite then. Thats why its so easy to notch and defeat missiles in dcs. However one or two good posts here. And if there are so called real pilots surely they would have data to share with ED also?
  4. Not using AMD, Nvidia so what do i change?
  5. Im not hijacking at all this guy is seeing what im seeing im not hi jacking. Which would end up with threads merging. This is why its so frustrating to even bug report......
  6. Not what i see lol. Theres no moon no stars no clouds just a blank black background just look at my screen shot never looked like that in the previous open beta. Check the sea to in day time its just a blue texture does not even look like water.
  7. Its a water texture bug it does not even look like water but a block texture if your low to you can see land under the water.
  8. Deffo not AMD crossfire, This is really broken.
  9. Checked and checked again same thing. Single player is working fine. P.S You can now view the terrain under the water and water is just a solid blue texture (Different issue/Bug)
  10. After the last update im getting constant crashes, Come on guys its beyond a joke, Not really bothered if it earns me 10000000 points for criticism. But do understand the money i pumped into tour game and now it wont even load. Its beyond a joke, And im seeing users with the same issue. dcs.log
  11. Thats the two points im getting at two targets become four and the fact that other modules dont see the same thing (Bandits missile launches) If seeing missiles is a thing in real life then all radars in dcs should see the samething. So we are on the same path im talking RCS of missiles on radar f18 sees rcs of missiles f16 does not nore f15.
  12. If its correct would the F-16 not see the same thing also? I was not aware of such thread.
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