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  1. Depends on ping and server running time + netcode. Id like it fixed but cant see it.
  2. Its been a thing for awhile, SU-33 does the same thing, Im not 100% but it maybe because something is in the spawn point another aircraft or static, But yea its annoying, Just spam the slot it and you will get in.
  3. Welcome to multiplayer dcs, P.S wrong section you need multiplayer bug section.
  4. Could ED add more views to its list in the future. Like a wingtip view etc? Yes no doubt been asked alot before. But more options would be nice. null
  5. Who knew thanks guys thread closed
  6. nullSun reflection on the cloud lastest OB update not sure if its a bug.
  7. I noticed on a server yesterday, Sun not blocked by clouds yet was very dark, With a small sun and no rays, After F2 onto another player the sun comes back bright again with rays. Static weather.
  8. Have you tried flying in Syria and marianas island map? Both FPS hits, Ok for you if it works then isn't it.........
  9. FC3 to A10A does the same thing, I have the same problem, As already stated it builds up layers over time. (Never youst to be the case)
  10. I dont see the point in the map, The FPS hit in London or Paris, Not to mention A.I units cant seem to navigate through Caen let alone two big cities + I mean are they actually going to add key features and landmarks?. Why not get the core game upto date first so we can actually run the maps in the first place.
  11. You could of just said that in the first place? And to clarify ive not even mentioned theres no issue with the 120. This is a derail post:
  12. Why would you go through the effort to do so? Plus unless ive missed it its not even in any of the update logs hence why i asked, Still maybe ED should not do a free trial? Oops. Clearly they are abusing the system.
  13. No where near derailed the thread nore is it even marked as a bug i quite clearly pointed an issue out. Let me re phrase it lets say ED change it harder to notch. Guess what will happen? The player will get better at notching that to. The track and tacview CLEARLY shows the guy heads down in his rwr watching the missile warning. The tacview CLEARLY shows 89 degrees thats perfect only way hes down that is by watching the rwr and adjusting ive done it myself its so easy to do. Again its not even a bug its not even marked as investigating.
  14. Think you find it is, You can see how purrfect your notching it just via rwr, Maybe notching should never exist? You could even argue why would you bother to model chaff also? This way the missile would completely be impossible to defeat thats what your looking for hollywood missiles? You can then argue the fact well if there that good BFM and IR, SARH missiles wouldnt even bother existing at all? Why develop them if actives are really that good? Trouble is unlike heatblur ED modelled a beautiful rwr, Enjoy before they do make it inaccurate, Otherwise we would have to get our heads out the mfds
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