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  1. Soo I've been trying to contact Leatherneck but no one answered yet and my MiG-21 BIS is not working when I try to activate . Help ! .
  2. I know this sounds little stupid , but I thought that aircraft marshalling and ground crew can make stuff more realistic and cool , for example ; someone wants to takeoff he request from the ATC to takeoff and then maybe a marshaling vehicle or a personnel comes and guide him to the way of the runway instead of checking the map every time , and another example ; someone requests a rearm then a ground crew comes to the aircraft and does and kind of animation like fixing something or anything and then it start rearming . I know some will disagree on my opinion but its pretty cool like in night time you see the glowing sticks that they use for aircraft marshalling or the vehicle lights at the top . sorry about my bad English :) .
  3. Falcon or MK Lonewolf United Arab Emirates A10C
  4. It's not that bad but most of these are just for side missions , even if you look on the news of UAE's Air Force all they use is F-16's example : All what you said is right but having something realistic is more cooler and having mods in DCS sometimes the online servers don't accept mods and also as i guess having mods in DCS is against the rules of the game maybe ? but still what you said is amazing and i really appreciate what DCS did to bring in some planes that we actually use :)
  5. I didn't mean that its not going to happen to release a F-16 , am just recommending something that will simulate the military environment in the United Arab Emirates and am actually glad that they made the mirage 2000 which we actually use in the Air Force
  6. haven't heard about any F16 coming out
  7. What's the point of having a plane is unofficially used by this country , that'll be no simulation in it lol , the F-16D and F-16C are not the official ones . am not mad or anything its just that they should simulate the world and what they use and what not lol .:)
  8. Since i have been playing this game i thought that there's a small hole that's in this game and it doesn't simulate my country's UAE Air Force in the new map that's going to be up "straits of hormuz" مَضيق هُرمُز , which's having the Lockheed Martin F-16E/F block 60 Desert Falcon , I thought that will be a really really good idea and simulates the Middle East aircrafts cause most of it is F16's ( and maybe Aermacchi MB-339 that'll be fantastic ! ) http://aviazioneaereimilitari.altervista.org/blog/lm-f-16-fighting-falcon/?doing_wp_cron=1426682638.9133470058441162109375 http://www.aviationgraphic.com/385-632-thickbox/f-16e-desert-falcon-tc-153.jpg
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