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  1. Wait on SSD, just get 1070 and never look back.
  2. Hmm...just want to clarify something with PSU. From the beginning, it's unlikely that his PSU isnt enough to boot up if it can handle a 780ti. People use unnecessary big wattage PSU for no real good reasons. It was DOA for sure. Shame, gigabyte makes good gtx 1070... Asus is great too. I use MSI 1070 myself with a 450W PSU.
  3. bl_asd

    Hawk disappeared...

    To be clear, I dont know if it was in module manager first since there's a screen pops up saying I can install the mods. I installed mirage first then came back to module manager for hawk and that's when I found out.
  4. bl_asd

    Hawk disappeared...

    yes it's not present in the module manager. It did however, popped up initially saying I have such and such mods available. The installation however, was 1 at a time. After installed the first mod; I had to go back to module manager for the next and that's when I found out there's no hawk mod. Repair didnt help.
  5. bl_asd

    Hawk disappeared...

    Thanks!!! I tried to repair, no good. But that direct install fixed it. :D
  6. bl_asd

    Hawk disappeared...

    Fresh install, I didnt use 1.2.16 at all. Now I just noticed that the hawk also disappeared from module manager in 2.0...but I already installed it from before so it runs fine. Let me try to use command window
  7. I can play hawk with 2.0 just fine. I just installed 1.5 as well but I dont see hawk in the module manager...my version is I really looked...I just dont see hawk at all. I went back to 2.0 and it's there, just not in 1.5
  8. Just ordered! Feb 2016 hopefully!!!
  9. Once I take off, do I need to retract the landing gears? Or close the flaps?
  10. I dont see the tutorial (training) after installing 2.0, will it be implemented soon or I just need to find it somewhere? I went to training but nothing is there. Thanks
  11. Yessssssssss.......im happy now. I updated the 2.0 then found out there's no map lol. Just bought NTTR map along with mirage, gonna play this weekend..see if I can take this beauty off ground..
  12. make sure you have the right graphic card for higher resolution...PC hardware can be a money pit. I personally use 27 inch with 1440. Ultrawide is preferred but then you also have to consider how well the monster represent color and such, the delay etc, go to this website for monitor. http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews.htm some of the w-led backlight monitors have washed out color..be careful. They look like crap.
  13. About recent news email regarding spitfire So...who's making the spitfire mod? I thought vevos is doing spitfire XIV but the news letter says spitfire IXc. Are we getting 2 versions of spitfire? I'd love it. On a separate note..is spitfire more like a zero? But better than a zero?
  14. Im a complete noob, can I just tag along? I just want to fly with someone and hopefully learn a thing or 2... I have TS. When exactly do you guys fly?
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