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  1. There are more reasons to not buy Lightnings. Simple fact is, the Germans are never going to get a good deal on them. Unlike the early adopters like NL, the UK and Italy, the Germans would essentially pay out of pocket with little prospect at the kind of offsets that Berlin would want for such a deal. An F-35 buy means indirectly divesting your aero industry, which plays havoc on the idea of developing a joint 6th gen fighter, if you want to maintain parity with the French. Finally, the Canadian procurement is a travesty, and scrapping that tender was the only thing they could have reasonably done, given they would otherwise be stuck up to their ears in lawsuits.
  2. Traditionally, the Greeks have used a Mirage in one shape or another. Mostly in the anti shipping role. Given the fact that the Turks have lit a fuse by signing the Libyan - Turkish agreement to exploit the various reserves of Hydrocarbons in the med, the Greek/ Cyprus policy makers are looking at the prospect of a big naval engagement. The infrastructure for a larger Mirage 2000 fleet is already in place, as opposed to buying F-16's which require either buying stocks of Harpoons, or be stuck with a lengthy intregration process.
  3. I'd suggest the Bushmaster. The Dutch army operates 96 of them since 2007.
  4. Fer_Fer

    Mirage F1

    Yep, the Mirage F1 saw a lot of combat during its service. It wasn't a bad aircraft for its time either. very curious how this module is going to pan though :)
  5. Yep, that is what happens when you put a 1988 bird against something from the mid 2000's. Would be more interesting against something like a Mirage 2000-5-2 or 2000-9, both which have significantly better kit then the base C that we have in the game.
  6. Its been a while since i last flown it. But IIRC the Mirage was TWS, which wouldn't trigger the US RWR?. IIRC, when wanting to lock for firing a Super 530, you need to hit lock twice. First time engages TWS and the second time it paints the target for the semi active missile.
  7. That picture has a glaring Error in that the Mirage 2000 is considered a 4th Gen Aircraft, and not a 3rd as the chart implies.
  8. That looks really promising, and none too soon.. If it released, i´d be more then happy to fork over the money (although i´d prefer to have a J10)
  9. To be honest, i'd like to have a French Groundstrike aircraft to go with the Mirage in due time. Preferably the 2000D or failing that the Jaguar.
  10. its 170% over Budget, and over 10 years behind schedule and that is not something to be proud of, especially since this was coming from the day that it went IOC with the jarheads both the DTOE and the GAO had been warning that at the current speed, and the fact that Lockheed had artificially sped up development by deferring the majority of problems to the Block 3F, i can safely say, that this is entirely the fault of the JPO, and as such, Lockheed should play the bill.
  11. http://www.gao.gov/assets/690/684207.pdf Oh look at that, the F-35 will go over Budget..... again, and fall behind schedule..... again.
  12. I disagree, because your logic falls short. You don't bring a gun to fight AA, that is suicidal, and would never even be considered, barring a few exceptions. The Missiles are exactly there because they offer a standoff capability, and the ability to crack open heavily armored Tanks, that is why it can carry a lot of em. the 30mm was never intended to be used to knock out heavy tanks, as it simply lacked the penetration to do so (side armor aside). The 30mm was designed to shit on anything that had less armor then an MBT, because trucks, APC' and the like are just as important to knock out as Tanks. Keep in mind, that when the A-10 entered service, the Warsaw pact Divisional AA systems consisted of a mix of 9K33 OSA, the ever reliable ZSU-23-4. the Tor and Tunguska don't show up until the mid 80's, at which point the A-10's standoff capability was improved yet again. And Keep in mind, neither of those systems ended up in the inventories of Poland, East Germany or Czechoslovakia, which continued to rely on their older AA assets. Even then, the amount of units present wasn't enough to fully stock all divisions with the stuff they needed. the A-10's are nearing the end of their lifetime, and replacement is inevitable. Question is, if its preferable to replace it with the F-35, which is not only problematic in its development, but is also made and designed by a company that exhibits the very worst of monopoly traits that a government can wish for. The extreme reliance the USAF, USMC and the USN will have on Lockheed Martin in itself is a reason to pass up the F-35 in favor for another aircraft, given that history have proven that any monopoly is bad for everybody except the monopolist.
  13. I wholly approve of the Mig 19. As for scenario's, i feel it should do rather well in the Mig-21/F-5 server when its teamed up with the fishbed. Sure the Farmer has less advanced avionics and kit, but from what i understood, it was real mean when you were turning and burning. So i'd presume that a 19/21 team could throw a mean 1-2 punch on the F-5's.
  14. I would approve of a Q-5, although i'd prefer a J-8II or JH-7 first
  15. looks neat, what kind of capability does the A-7 have?
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