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  1. And how could you know which ones you've chosen in game?
  2. It works for MP but I you cannot max it out in SP or it would be too much for MP. Therefore reduce some settings in SP and try again. Cheers
  3. I'm in the exactly same point as Edmuss. Same bugs, same work arounds. Pretty annoying but at least it works better that it did. Cheers
  4. It doesn't start DCS from AH64 update. When you click to start DCS, it gets in the DCS logo eternally. What a pity
  5. Hi, I just did the same upgrade. I initially was disappointed. I seemed exactly the same experience! Somehow it kept same driver/settings from the 1080ti. I cleaned up old driver and installed anew. All changed! I have textures high, shadows medium, water medium, visual range high, MSAAx4, AF x16 and the rest as usual for VR. I use Q2, so I maxed it out in Oculus setting with 90hz and 1x in DCS. Now it really rocks and looks amazing. I've solid 45fps in SP in everything but Marianas or low level in Dubai city. I had a problem though with MP. I was not passing 25fps! It turned out to be export.lua tacview line. Now I can reach 45 in MP but it sometimes goes down. The other exports don't seem to have an impact. I also use Jetseat and VRkneeboard. My other computer specs are i5 9600k waterOC@3.7, 32G 3200 RAM, Samsung M.2 970Evo Plus for Windows 10 and 980 M.2 on PCIe adapter for DCS. Cheers, Mr.Well
  6. Ok, I figure it out by myself: It works perfect now. Cheers
  7. Hi Uri! Nice to read you. I also have a pair of STM32 but the Pro Micro approach was already here and faster, I thought. Your initial one required a protoboard and more soldering, but it works pretty good. Nevertheless, Jay, the mmjoy file attached gives me an error when I try to upload it: "The specified files was not found" and I don't know the configuration for the matrix to make it manually. I did the axis one according to the snapshot in your post. Someone has an snapshot of the matrix in MMjoy to show me, please? Cheers, MrWell
  8. Hi Jay, First of all, a big thank you. Second, I cannot believe you only have one answer for this awesome tutorial. I was searching for a fast an reliable way to use this throttle with a hall sensor and a better accuracy. In the past I did Uri_Ba's approach, it was good but not so clean. I gave that one to a friend. I found another one from Giovanni Medici that looks good but I don't have any Teensy at this time. I have two ATMs with MMJOY from another project so I just searched for "MMJOY+cougar throttle" and voilá! The perfect manual! Thanks again :) Cheers
  9. Thank you. That makes sense. I'll try that
  10. Hi, I'm using it quite successfully with MFDs and ICP in VR but the hands disappear very often (many times only one) and I have to go and deactivate/activate in DCS Options to make them back [emoji17] What could be going on? Cheers
  11. Those are glasses with cameras. Not a big deal. Invented in the last century. But now the steal info for them instead of countries intel services...
  12. Completely different issue. In my game I hit trees sometimes. You don't? Even though I try not to bank 90° when I can touch something. You do?
  13. Hi, I use a kneeboard with a trackball on it, TM MFDs, Voice Attack and experimenting with Leap Motion (non very successfully so far). Cheers
  14. Don't be lazy. Proper pilots bank their aircraft to look to a target below. That is natural! ;)
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