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  1. Really enjoyed the video, just had a quick question so in the video its mentioned that the data cartridge holds stuff like origin, destination, waypoints, and -weapon targeting waypoints- Is there a way to input these manually into the computer? I am just thinking of multiplayer instances where you might have to make changes to these to reflect the current mission state / requirements.
  2. I am also really interested in this, since the mini stick never gets used on mine since its so awkward to use as a mouse and ive been wanting to use it for more practical binds.
  3. Ah ok that makes a lot of sense with the range, The RB-04 was still very cool to see in action.. even if they tended to all gang up on one boat. lol
  4. I really enjoyed the show, and the migs put up one heck of a fight. But I was confused why the viggens never used the BK90 for the BTR's and why they used the RB-04e instead of the RB-15 which I beleive the AJS could use aswell Edit: Side note, would love to see another grudge match when the F-14 makes its debut :P just sayin.. ideas for the future.
  5. Just a thought, but a CF-5 skin would be nice :P
  6. Also kinda curious how the ground radar was used, I see a couple posts up it was mentioned that you cant select targets. Was kinda hoping you could use the ground radar to at least help with accuracy for CCRP bomb drops. Also trying to figure out how you designated where the BK90 was to glide off towards. Since the webpage I was reading mentioned it could glide like 5 km off to the side of the aircraft.
  7. So ive been doing some research into the weapons that the AJ / AJS viggen could carry, and so far ive only seen mention of the Maverick A model, anyone know if the B was also carryable. Kinda would be nice to have zoom functionality
  8. While I doubt well see anything like 117, itd be pretty nice.. Last night I watched a few guys from the group I fly with testing a new mission called "Yellow brick road" where they took their a-10c and had to fly through the mountains at like 300ft to throw bombs on target and run away. The 117 would be awesome for a mission like that, but outside of that mission.. would be very very limited.
  9. Just throwing my 2 cents in, but id much rather see a F-105 or really any of the F-111 models
  10. So, Cobra.. that viggen radar scope avatar looks pretty nice :P
  11. Oh thanks! That sounds like it'll be really interesting to get used to, and a ton of fun trying to remember which tones mean what haha.
  12. So the part about "Advanced RWR including recording and recon features" sounds really cool. Im assuming it pertains to the Viggen.. does anyone have information on where the RWR is located in the cockpit and how it operates? Also kinda curious what information the recon features can provide.
  13. Do we know what the current schedule is for the viggen? Is it something coming out this year or sometime during 2016? Also going to be interested to see if the area attack is implemented for the RB04/05
  14. So do we know if both announcements were delayed? Since cobra is the one making the promotional materials I imagine the other announcement wont be till november? Also cobra, was wondering if we could expect the first announcement early this month or is the mig-21 bug squashing the priority atm? (Which I understand if it is, just hoping to build a timeline.. trying to figure out how to buy these modules and the M-2000 lol)
  15. Haha...ha.. please.. plz no.. anything but that monstrosity
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