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  1. The a-10 was the first module i bought, and the only one i ever learned, didnt bother with the tomcat or hind etc ED probably hate users like me, only got 3 modules in 5 years
  2. For me, the only way i could get anywhere with the training, is to just do the training campaigns. They are horrible and can frustrate the life out of you, but they teach you the basics, and you will have it down in no time you stick at it. From then on it's easy enough. In my opinion, your wasting your time going through 3000 pages of written material, that's incredibly tedious & boring, it will only put you off flying once you get to it after reading for 2 years. Of course refer to it if needed, but you really don't need to bother with the manual at all. Videos, and the training campaigns were the way to go to start with.
  3. I think it was one eye at the beginning, and everyone cried about it, so ED gave us an option to have both or either? Single eye is an odd feeling, so i set it to both, not bothered if that's realistic or not.
  4. Great read! I agree those sorts of missions are amazing when you bring her back home even with alot of damage. But this is also the thing that bugs me about dcs, you dont get any reward for saving yourself or the airplane, just load the mission again and try it all over. There is no consequence of failure or reward for success. Hopefully when the DC arrives whenever, things will change.
  5. Ahhh ok, i do remember something about this from a while back. I will check, thanks Hawk.
  6. Was just trying out the new 2.7 in the TK, and noticed that the cockpit lighting is still only on one eye in the vr headset, this has been an issue for ages and i never thought about it much but figured it was fixed, (i dont fly alot these days) anyone else get the same, or only me?
  7. I found a mod in the user files by taz, that fixes this issue, many thanks to him!!
  8. Bump for this again, we need an option for the a10c II, to turn off the static reflections on the gauges etc, they are horrible in the headset, and make it hard to read the gauges in certain lighting conditions.
  9. Yes i have noticed the same in my rift s, it has a small sweet spot in the middle of the lens, but looking towards the edge is blurred and more or less useless to see anything. I thought it was only this headset, i dont see that many posts about it but i found it really irritating. To be honest once i got over the initial wow of VR, its not been worth the hassle or expense really.
  10. ^ The forum turns off signatures by default, you need to turn them on in settings, at least i had to when it was changed..
  11. Looks great, cant wait to try it out, the a-10c is the only module i have any decent seat time in, and this will really freshen things up nicely :D
  12. Have to agree, it certainly looks very realistic, good job Ed.
  13. Its like a bungee cord or something, keeps the paper work stashed and under control :)
  14. I 'think' you need to reselect the master mode, ie ccip, ccrp, guns, & nav etc. At least that's how i do it, if i don't get the target line, i switch the master mode and its there when i cycle back around.
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