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  1. The snow has started to melt my friends, soon enough now, two weeks most likely!
  2. 2 Fictional Hellenic AV-8B added to the catalogue 2 Fictional Hellenic L-39 (1C + 1ZA) added to the catalogue
  3. Santus


    @JojotheboxPlease elaborate on "even with the broken pilots" If you have located an error in any of my older liveries, I would greatly appreciate it if you could point it out. There are way too many of them to keep track. Thanks
  4. Santus


    @Jojothebox I am assuming that you checked the user files on ED's website. Personally I haven't created this one.
  5. Latest additions to the catalogue: 4 Hellenic Fictional Bf-109-K4 4 Hellenic Fictional MiG-19P 2 Hellenic Fictional YAK-52 Enjoy!
  6. 2 fictional MiG-29c and 4 fictional MiG-21bis have been added to the catalogue. Enjoy!
  7. Is this server coming back? I can't find it in the server list anymore!
  8. 4 fictional Hellenic FW190D-9 have been added to the catalogue. Enjoy!
  9. Paintkit link is Dead @Raz_Specter
  10. Catalogue updates 4 Hellenic Fictional Mi-24P 4 Hellenic Historic UH-1H 3 Pegasus sqdn F-15 Enjoy
  11. Deleting the edModelViewerTrunk folder in saved games, each time before you open the Model Viewer, also works
  12. This method works. Added in the opening post
  13. In model viewer As seen in the following image, loading the exact same livery file on the F-15.lods model has an entirely different result from loading it on the F-15.edm model. For the untrained eye, allow me to point out that on the .edm model, spec textures are working giving the intended bare metal finish on the aircraft. In game As seen in the following image, the model in use is the .lods one I was wondering why is this the case and how could this be brought to a developer's attention.
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