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  1. This thread is closed. For TAW's JTF-88 recruitment, please follow this link:
  2. This thread is closed. For TAW's JTF-88 recruitment, please follow this link:
  3. I would also be very happy to wait a year or even longer before brand new features will be implemented. I totally agree to previous post in regards to having the already implemented features just be fixed and working in perfect order. Especially having properly functioning WP input, TACAN, Radar lock and a working Tail Strobe Light in MP. If these issues are addressed, lots of virtual squadrons can have loads of cool and fun missions that are immersive. Leave any new features out until they are functioning bug free and thoroughly tested by test teams, then put it in Open Beta release. I would really like to see any features tested fully and extensively before pushed to OB. Waiting for some feature in a properly working plane is no problem, it will not cause this kind of unrest in communities if it would be done this way. Dear people of Eagle Dynamics, would this be a reasonable thing to ask of you? Have a nice day!
  4. If you are running the VIRPIL airbase mod, then this is causing it. If so, you can search for the SU27 files in the VIRPIL folder, remove them from that mod folder and your IC is good again. Hope this helps :)
  5. Hi, Same issue here, after deleting the folder it only works once after opening it, then when closing it and opening it fails again.
  6. Hi ED, Thanks for the livery template. Would it be possible to supply clean, logo and letter free RoughMet files for the Main_1 (upper side cockpit and rear) and Kil (tail) files? Thanks a lot :)
  7. I have never flown a real F-16 so I can't say if it's realistic or not as it is now, but I also can't imagine that the trim is that sensitive in the real jet. I do have this 'issue' on every single flight as well and if possible and realistic, I'd love to see the trim increments decreased so we can actually trim it nicely.
  8. This is some really great news, thanks ED!
  9. Hello dear ED people, I just want to say thank you for your amazing product, that controls half of my life. So much so, that my wife feels I spend more time on your product, than on her.... But it's worth it! I met many, many great DCS fanatics from all over the world who share the love for combat airplanes, all thanks to DCS. And thus, thanks to all people from ED for creating that opportunity. The new 2.5.6 OB is a new leap forward, and yes there are some issues that prevent us to fly our previous missions, but none the less it looks and feels AMAZING! I'm sure you'll get the major issues fixed soon, so we can go about our daily DCS business. I got word from this post on Reddit: Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those long and stressful hours all you people from ED spend on it. I can imagine the sheer volume of code that is involved, the research, the difficulties and everything. I look forward to DCS core improvements, like the Mission Editor, as that is the key thing that drives complete communities of fanatic DCS pilots. Thousands of hours spent in ME myself over the many years I fly LOMAC/DCS, to try and create the immersive and complex missions that all DCS pilots wish for. Also the weather systems and AI planes/units, as that generates the full immersion of flying virtual airplanes in the missions. I also hope you understand that the emotions some people show on the forums, both negative and positive, are simply because of the LOVE for DCS, not because they hate you. Of course some people should think 3 times and take a break, before pressing the 'submit' button. I am fully supporting all ED people, keep it going strong boys and girls! Have a very great weekend!
  10. MOOSE 4 LIFE! Thanks Sven and all other contributors for the massive and amazing framework!
  11. Hello everyone, We are still open for new pilots, specifically for the following air frames: F-14B M-2000C A-10C F/A-18C All types of helicopters and hopefully soon for the OH-58 Kiowa (which will be super valuable in missions) Please read carefully what we are about and what we expect from a pilot, before you apply. Many thanks and hope to see you in the virtual skies.
  12. Hello all, we are still looking for pilots in most air frames, especially for the F14B/M2000C/A10C/FA18C and also Helicopter pilots. For the F16C we are nearing the full squadron status, we could add maximum 2 to that squadron. If you are interested, please be sure to read carefully what we are about and what we expect from you as a pilot, before you apply. Many thanks and hope to see you in the virtual skies.
  13. Hello, Can anyone point me to the ME Improvement Suggestions thread? Can't seem to find it and I really, really want to see it. Thanks a bunch.
  14. Hi Fuelburner, Check out this post and see if that is what you are looking for :) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=251051
  15. Hi all, We are experiencing the same issues. Not visible on MP list after a while, but can 'connect by ip' and join the server just fine. Our logs show these: NET: HTTP request dcs:server?ACTION=del&ID=2235504 failed with error 28: Timeout was reached INFO NET: server has stopped NET: HTTP request dcs:checksession failed with error 28: Timeout was reached ERROR NET: Session check failed: 503 NET: HTTP request dcs:server:update failed with error 28: Timeout was reached ERROR NET: Server update temporarily failed. Will try again later. Logs sent to BigNewy. I hope we can find the cause and a solution :)
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