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  1. In SP, OB, the game is unable to enforce visibility of pylons on Mi-8 when livery says otherwise. Livery argument: custom_args = { [1000] = 1.0, -- pylons off } IS NOT suppressed by game in case weapons are equipped. Default livery, weapons equipped, OK: Only the livery was changed in ME and mission was reloaded. Mi-8 is then spawned without pylons, weapons levitating. Livery has the "pylon off" argument line, but I would expect it to be suppressed by ME and mainly by presence of weapons. (I think it used to be so.) Can someone please verify? Thanks
  2. Hi, there can be a part in description.lua file in each livery, which states preferred setting for the livery. You can have a look into liveries and compare the content of that file with behavior. custom_args = { [457] = 0.0, -- EVU off [1000] = 1.0, -- pylons off } Placing the lines above should result in no EVU and no weapon pylons. Notice, that such is accomplished by 0 for argument 457 (EVU), but 1 for argument 1000 (pylons). Hope it helps.
  3. Version: (OB) I think it is a bug introduced in OB. Any cargo i take for sling load with Mi-8 has no impact on helicopter performance. No need for more collective for liftoff, even with 4000kg. Tried out several cargo types (ammo crates, long wood, long tubes), changed weights, bug still present. It is also present in MP. I think it is only with Mi-8, taking 4000kg with UH-1H "anchors" it to the ground properly. This is my first attempt for serious bug report, I am sry if it is already reported or misplaced.
  4. I suggest to use this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160053 It is a program to manage your DCS installation without typing in command line, it does it for you. Go here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2249076&postcount=2 You can read there: The Current 1.5 Legacy Build Version is: On the tab Advanced Update Options in the DCS Updater Utility from SkateZilla do enter that number: into the box (Update to user specified version). (I think but I am not sure, you should also tick the release box.) Then click that update. BUT! I have never tried to downgrade this far into the past. I only tried 1 or 2 release and beta versions back. Good luck! P.S.: Why do some people answer like: "Simple, just don't" do it? What solution is that?
  5. But: That L-39 is actually Hongdu K-8 Interesting choice on the poster since Venezuela has F-16s etc. :megalol: Anti-cropdusting in DCS? Just thinking out "loud". :D
  6. The space comparison is really interesting. I use TreeSize Free for something similar, it lists folders and subfolders regarding percentage of space used. I noticed how relatively lot of space is consumed by Mig-21 liveries in core mods, and that graphical interpretation shows it as well, did you notice? Is that texture quality difference noticeable in game?
  7. Makes perfect sense to me. Because doors could be tickbox selected in ME and with the doors it looks a bit more civilian. I am proposing variants that would be civilian enough and would require minimum additional modeling. :lol: Sorry, I like civilian flying in DCS especially with helis and since gazelle is the lightest heli so far, I am missing these appearences. (Have a look at my skins, I think I have established my opinion on civilian helis in DCS quite clear. :pilotfly: Thats me. :music_whistling:)
  8. Hi, I am thinking of buying the gazelle now as well. To be honest I really miss the option to have an unarmed gazelle. There is so many civilian paints on gazelles (few days ago someone asked here on forum for blue (hungarian?) one), but those skins would not look very good when applied on armed heli. I enjoy civilian pleasure flights with helis in DCS and gazelle would be briliant for some executive flights on persian gulf map, better than any other helicopter in DCS. Is there still a chance to get unarmed gazelle for lets say troop insertion? I am not even calling for full civilian version now, unarmed version (minigun version without that minigun and with doors) would do for me. (And those army suited guys could still be the same inside. :megalol: )
  9. I have read the thread and now I think I understand. But does it make any sence to have QTY 2, MULT 4? How can you "Drop 2 bombs in groups of 4." ? :D Logically MULT should be equal or lower than QTY, shouldn t it? QTY 7, MULT 3 is then 3-3-1 ANYWAY, I ll give it all a try so I can get used to it. Thank you! What now with this thread?Maybe moderator would like to move it or rename it or delete it?
  10. MULT switch is ignored when used for bomb quantity selection. Switch was working normally in, it stopped working when I used it the same way in, today I tried BETA, MULT is still not working :joystick: Configuration on next screenshot, expected to drop 4 bombs (2x2): Only dropped 2: I tried to drop 8 bombs: QTY:2, MULT:4, only dropped 2 I tried to drop 8 bombs: QTY:4, MULT:2, only dropped 4 I can upload screenshots of these drops as well if needed. Same with GBU bombs, not sure about rockets I can give it a try later. (I need to add that I have Harrier for about 1,5 month now and I am enjoying it very much. Thanks to RAZBAM and I hope the module will succesfully get rid of these small bugs, otherwise it is very rewarding thing to fly.) :D :thumbup: EDIT: NOT A BUG, I WAS UNAWARE OF THE NEW (CORRECTED) BEHAVIOR AFTER UPDATE. THANKS FOR INFO!
  11. Mi-8 American Medical Clinic Yes, why not. I hope that almost 5 years is not that much. :lol: It is now ready for download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3266005/
  12. Hi, I was experimenting recently: "C:\Users\<YOUR-LOGIN>\Saved Games\edModelViewer\Config\autoexec.cfg" (create if not present) insert line: "options.graphics.sync = true" This seems to reduce the frame rate in model viewer to 136. It is more than needed for skin making, but It seems to be working both with loaded model and clear opened modelviewer. I will more test it later. New problem: How to reload textures in model viewer? It used to work so that reloading model flushed textures and enabled loading them again (when the file was edited and saved meanwhile). Now I need to shut down MV and start it again.
  13. Well the walkaround with profile in AMD driver doesnt work for me and I like to use ModelViewer since I can easily look at any place on skin and it always took only to reload the model to see recent changes. And this (graphics_readme.txt in Config group) doesnt work for me either (a bit long text, I put it in spoiler): I would really appreciate to get these things working.
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