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  1. Epic work Have to give a big well done on this epic app no longer have to re-download dcs when I need to reinstall windows which was always a big bug bear for me so thank you thank you thank you.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::)
  2. erm neither I must have missed that bit lol which one was I supposed to put in lib folder
  3. Ok opened with scite but no blue arrow this is what I get
  4. ok I've put the files in the places described but when I click on CPIAS a cmd window pops up and disappears immediately so not sure if my lauforwindows is working properly having never used it before.
  5. HI for the f-86 just things like radio frequencies, alt, speed etc I downloaded the module I just don't know what to do with it
  6. install guide for dummies Hi I've got the x52 pro and would like to make use of your files and wondered if you have an idiots guide to getting it working because I have never done any coding and don't know where to start with LAU stuff all I want to do is make it work for f86 and f18. I tried looking at the tutorial file but it may as well be written in Chinese lol. Basically I just need files I can drag and drop and that's it. Any help appreciated BTW The http://super-hornet.com/download/ link is dead!! Cheers in advance:helpsmilie:
  7. Me too I have the same problem all radio voices sound like chipmunks it's really annoying
  8. Hi tasslehoff Thanks for the reply but I know how to put the shortcuts back manually I just think it would be better if that sort of thing was incorporated into the repair exe. It just annoys me that if I want to format a hard drive and reinstall then I have to re-download 30gb of data before I can even think of reinstalling mods. There are folk out there who have quite slow internet speeds where this download is going to take a full day to complete. Like I said in steam it will scan a folder to see what files are already there and then download only files that are missing but if you try that with dcs it says dcs is already installed and cannot continue with installation. I just think the installer and the 30gb of data should be merged into one download so you can save it somewhere to reinstall any time you need to. Don't get me wrong DCS is a great sim but there are some minor things like this that would make it a bit more user friendly.
  9. Hi Is there any way to reinstall dcs 2.5 without having to download everything again. The reason I ask is I had to reinstall windows recently and still have dcs on my second drive but have lost all the start menu shortcuts and other things. I have ran the repair tool using CMD and dcs is working but repair doesn't reinstall the shortcuts. I don't want to have to re-download 60 gig of data every time I need to reinstall because it takes hours. I have tried installing over the top of the already installed files but the installer will not let you do this(this is the only software I have come across that won't let you). It would be better if the installer would scan the folder to see what files are there and then only download whats missing (this is what steam does). Instead of making a 6mb installer that then needs to download 30gb of data to install just the stock items that come free with it why not just make an installer that is 36gb so you only have to download once. then all you need to do is download modules. Any help appreciated Thanks Pete
  10. can't connect Hi I'm having trouble getting the app connected I have followed the instructions and edited the files but still doesn't connect. does the export.lau edit have to be on a specific line or can it go anywhere. I've double checked ip addresses and ports and all seem to be correct. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Pete:helpsmilie:
  11. Hi I have recently reinstalled DCS world and my a10a module that I purchased some time ago but I keep getting asked for serial number for the a10a. However when I input my serial number it tells me that its not valid even though it is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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