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  1. Here is a jester freak-out I am having a lot when I lost a lock on a friendly target. Context: - It's local private multiplayer with 2 players - The ship and hind are friendly - I locked the ship even if the camera is showing the hind Still, was a good laugh
  2. Damn! Really? It's my own dedicated server in my living room and my friend is like 10 km away from my house. This is a very simple setup ; it must be hell on big servers with many players all over the world.
  3. Hello, When I launched laser-guided rocket in my last online flight, while I was seeing the correct trajectories with the correct impacts of these rockets, my friend was seeing them dropped almost like dumb bombs, the rocket engine was off and then the target exploded without apparent reason. During the debriefing, the tacview recorded on the server reflected what my friend saw while the tacview recorded locally was accurate and represented what I saw happened with my weapons. I also had this problem in another flight with the C802 missiles. It's pretty easy to reproduce but I can try to add screenshots and stuff Is this a known bug? I remember the rocket trajectories working properly in our online flights before the 2.7 Thanks
  4. Still happening in the 2.7 just with the JF17 ; just in certain spots ; hot from parking. (Tested again in Beirut)
  5. Not surprised but still makes me sad... A lot of DCs modules are in this state of waiting for minor fixes since forever.
  6. Again today, in our mission to go destroy Al Tabqah dam power hub, my 2 GB-6 were intercepted by one SAM that killed them both I know it's a thing in DCS but still, it's kind of ruining the gliding bomb purpose. Is there any way to drop them like the Viggen does its gliding bomb? Low and fast? It seems like the GB-6 prefers high and fast and I have mixed results when dropping them too low. Thanks
  7. Hello I am playing multiplayer with a friend in Viggen so we both use F10 markers to enter navigation waypoints. We both created markers for our navigation ; we did the mission ; came back; landed. In the same aircrafts, we prepared for another mission with another navigation. He deleted one of mine by mistake ; making DCS remove it from my F10 map too. I created new waypoints but when I updated the DTC and reloaded everything ; the deleted marker was still there as waypoint in my navigation in addition to the new ones. The deleted waypoint was removed from my F10 map so I couldn't remove it from the map myself. If I change to another JF-17 and reload the DTC, the waypoints are correct. So the basic repo steps are: - Enter a multiplayer game - Create F10 markers for your waypoints - Load the DTC - Have someone else delete your F10 markers (They disappear on your client too) - (Optional) Add a new WPT1 - Ask the ground crew to update your DTC - Reload the DTC - The deleted waypoints will still appear Workaround: - Go to spectator - Go back to your JF17 - Load the DTC It's not THAT bad of a bug but I wanted to report it still.
  8. Thanks, I tried and it's working. A first, I setup a waypoint on the target and made it the current one but I guess it's not officially a SPI but setting a SPI with the HUD worked. Yay!
  9. Hello I've noticed that laser guided rockets require the pod to be there and tracking something to be able to fire but it doesn't require the pod to lase. Once fired, the rockets will guide to any laser they found (with the right code). In my screenshots, you can see my rockets hitting the ship lased by the JTAC while my pod is just there, tracking an area and not lasing. Why is the Pod required since it doesn't do anything for a buddy lasing except allow the rockets to fire? Is this a real limitation? Is there an override for me to fire laser guided rockets on a buddy laser without having the pod like I can bombs? I feel I am this close to being able to do it Thanks
  10. Thanks I also really want to commend the team for the very good support. It's nice to see bugs I report being investigated and fixed and not lingers for months or years in the forums
  11. [Please move this into the bug section ; I posted in the wrong channel] When changing weapons and reloading the DTC ; some weapon parameters in the SMS are not reset and it can cause bugs. Example: if you set a quantity of 6 with a weapons ; the next equipped weapon will keep this value Repro steps: Jump into a hot JF-17 Ask for 6 GBU 12 Update / Reload DTC Go to A2G Mode Go to SMS Choose GBU12 Set Quantity to 6 Fly, drop the bombs and come back OR Just stay on the ground Now, ask only for for BRM Rockets Update / Reload DTC Go to A2G Mode Go to SMS Choose BRM The quantity is still 6 and if I try to change it '-3' appears Adding screenshots Thanks
  12. It's still unplayable for me after the patch ; the JF-17 stays at choppy framerate (1 frame every 10 seconds) for at least 4 min then I stopped testing because even if it comes back to normal ; at this point it's still a bug to fix If you can reproduce it ; it's good news ; easy to investigate and fix. Still happening just with the JF17 ; just in certain spots ; hot from parking.
  13. In my last mission, a nearby SA-10 went crazy on my gliding bomb like seen in screenshots. The LS-6 seems a bit more appetizing as they fire more on them than the GB-6. Do gliding bombs have that much of a radar signature to be targeted by long range SAMS? I find this weird ; is this an expected behavior? I have never had a SAM engaged a mk84 for example. Thanks
  14. I only seriously play DCS in multiplayer so I can't say for sure. I only play single player to do fast unit-testing of my missions with strategically-placed-invulnerable-fast-to-load su27 Even more, I mostly play cooperatively with my friend on missions I create and on a dedicated server located next to my personal computer. All this to said my ping is like 4ms and I usually play against AIs if it matters. I usually assume the role of escort so I had a lot of TWS BRV fights against 1 or 2 targets only to crash once so it's not a frequent crash for me. This also lead me to believe it's a timing error maybe some weird order in the plane, missiles and targets update / destruction order? I will try to do more simple scenarios that my big missions so I can do fast testing and maybe achieve a track file easy to replay. But what if I reproduce a quick multiplayer crash, would you need the server and client track files? I am not sure how to replay tracks outputted in multiplayer. Thanks
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