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  1. yes, this is what I have been doing for the cyclic. I will try your suggestion for the pedals.
  2. I have observed this problem as well while operating from back seat, with George as CPG. After a few attacks, he no longer fires missiles, even though targets are clearly in range and visible. It occurs only after I having been playing for a while, so that hints at possible memory leak issue to me.
  3. I think ED should provide the same 'Default' trim option that the other DCS helicopters have. Everyone knows how to use that setting, and it works well. There is currently no option to avoid using force trim in the pedals, and perhaps this is a real limitation with the AH-64D, but I would much rather have no trim at all on the pedals. It is possible to turn off all force trim in the Apache from an in-cockpit configuration page, but you really need trim on the cyclic stick. I can fly the AH-64D comfortably as it is, using the force-feedback friendly setting, but it does not feel right, and I find it difficult to transition trim for landings.
  4. I see a repeated issue with F-14 in the DCS Beta stream after I have been operating the F-14 for more than an hour or so in DCS. The ability to activate nose wheel steering stops working. Both the HOTAS stick button I have assigned to this function, and the default 'N' key command just stop working after a while. It looks like a memory leak sort of issue to me. Exiting DCS and restarting it restores the functionality. This occurs in the Caucasus map. I have not tried it in others yet. I have 24 GB of RAM on my system.
  5. Thank you, Reflected! Great advice. I let the AI fool me at the beginning of climbs with their ladder shaped climb at the beginning. Most importantly, your comments on engine, RPM settings, and use of the boost lever are very enlightening! Thanks for passing on the information about AI behaviour to ED. I love your campaigns - wonderfully immersive, detailed, and richly embellished with period details - thank you!
  6. I played a mission from Wolf Pack today and found 1) that the AI flights took a long time with a lot of circling and many near collisions to get the mission finally under way. 2) As soon was we started climbing out at the coast, I was left eventually miles behind. Even going flat out, I could not come close to keeping up with the AI P-47s, and finally lost sight of them. I dropped my tanks and red-lined the boost and RPMs, but still - I eventually almost caught up with the pack by cheating with the F10 map to locate them, but not until they where almost rendezvoused with the returning B-17s we were tasked to escort home. The behaviour of the AI friendlies was better in that they were not teleporting sideways as much, although it still happened a bit, but the performance profile of the P-47 AI aircraft doesn't match at all with that of the complex (human) module. This is making it very difficult to run the scenarios because I am flying what is effectively a different, much slower aircraft than my AI wingmates.
  7. As of most recent update, I see no afterburner flames behind the jet nozzle on my player Viggen. I see flame inside the nozzle. AI Viggens do exhibit external afterburner flames.
  8. Issue resolved for now. I made a 6th attempt at a repair last night, and this time it worked. The game started up after the repair was finished, and I was able to log in. So - issue solved - thank you!
  9. ISSUE RESOLVED. I was ejected from an on-line server which detected that I had a tainted load. A Viggen texture file had become corrupted. I removed the corrupted file and ran DCS_updater.exe repair (I have followed this procedure successfully in the past). After the repair, DCS failed to come up. When I ran the run.exe nothing appears to happen. If I run the task monitor while trying to start DCS, the dcs task appears only for a few seconds before exiting. I've re-run the repair 5 times or more without success. So my beta standalone DCS (with my new Super Carrier and P-47D) is dead in the water for now. The stable version runs, of course.
  10. Take the P-51 up pick a ground target and hold the trigger don’t let it up until the guns are empty. Of course, firing the 'whole 9 yards' of ammo in one burst will overheat the barrels and destroy the rifling. This is why it was not done by pilots, except in moment of intense excitement. You SHOULD lose all accuracy after abusing your weapons this way, and it is highly realistic to have this damage reflected in the simulation. Another question is whether or not the 'repair' command should fix the issue (replace the shot-out machine guns roll the aircraft to the calibration range, and reharmonize the new guns). To effect the repair in real life would take hours or days. The most recent updates to the P-51D saw a very satisfying improvement in the depiction of the guns behaviour and the guns are now highly effective when fired on-target and near harmonization range (300 yards, or 900 feet). It would be very nice to be allowed to customize the harmonization of your guns - but that can not be done for now without tainting your load and being barred from on-line servers.
  11. The problem with delayed fusing is that there is certainly no accounting for the effects of delayed fuse bomb penetration. Bombs exploding 5 of 10 feet under the ground should have their blast radius reduced considerably - but that would be so complex to calculate. You would need to classify all the terrain on any map by how deep the soil (if any) is at any location. Same for building structures. I think that DCS does account for penetration delay on hardened targets like bunkers, but that's about it, as far as I know.
  12. For now you can do the following on home-made scenarios: reduce the gun ammo on the JU-88s to 5% or 3% in the scenario editor. Then make dummy runs at them until they unwisely hose off all of their bullets in one very long barrel-melting burst. After that they have no guns, and only avoidance maneuvers (which they're pretty good at) to save themselves. The JU-88 was a formidable, fast aircraft for its' time.
  13. Merci Croustie - I did check the circuit breakers and one was popped out (for the cabin lighting). I pressed it in. No other breakers were popped that I could see. That is why I mentioned the incident here. I have also seen my airspeed indicator get 'stuck' at about 230 mph after a long flight over the channel. There seem to be a few instrument issues at this time.
  14. Just tonight since the latest patch I find that the oil temperature gauge never moves from 0 degrees. The other oil gauges appeared to work properly.
  15. P-47D has 8x.50 cal guns, not 4. Each gun has 425 rounds - more than the P-51D.
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