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  1. I think that might've been the issue as well. Thank you! Cheers! Enjoy your tacview experience
  2. Thank you! This worked. I didn't have the export file on my dedicated server. I am actually having a similar issue with pre-recorded files except only my jet shows up all other targets appear to be missing. My settings in game: I've attached the tacview file for reference. Thanks for the help in advance! Tacview-20220331-205315-DCS-Through The Inferno (Persian Gulf) v2.zip.acmi
  3. You're not supposed to open .trk files. You need to open the files that Tac generates. Normally located in /my docs/Tacview I believe you can convert the trk files in game though by turning on one of the options in the settings page for tacview
  4. Hi, I am currently on a trail version of Tacview. I am trying out the Realtime telemetry view but it shows nothing. The map is basically empty: Is this available with the trail or am I doing something wrong? my config for Tacview in options: [code] ["plugins"] = { ["Tacview"] = { ["tacviewExportPath"] = "", ["tacviewDebugMode"] = 0, ["tacviewRemoteControlPort"] = "42675", ["tacviewFlightDataRecordingEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPassword"] = "sometopSecretPassword", ["tacviewSinglePlayerFlights"] = 2, ["tacviewTerrainExport"] = 0, ["tacviewAutoDiscardFlights"] = 10, ["tacviewRemoteControlPassword"] = "", ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPort"] = "42674", ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsHost"] = 2, ["tacviewRemoteControlEnabled"] = false, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewBookmarkShortcut"] = 0, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsClient"] = 2, ["tacviewModuleEnabled"] = true, }, -- end of ["Tacview"] }, -- end of ["plugins"] [/code] Thanks for your time and help!
  5. Ralfidudes review! ${1}
  6. Well, look at your compass... It can't be that hard... Also on the A10 you can check on the MFD.
  7. step 1 ) Buy ArmA 2/3 source code step 2 ) profit
  8. awe total was $198 then when I reached the end it was $227. Shipping seems to be expensive af. Crap, maybe next time. Canadian pessos are worthless lol
  9. I bought the PS3 eye, it was crap. Didn't work at all. I had to shove my face into the monitor for it to detect the lights on the head tracker.
  10. Currently downloading at 1MB/s.... DCS Downloader Way too slow :/
  11. wut I hate that voice, I mean I don't wanna be rude but its annoying :o The F-15 one is better imho
  12. Well my car costs $0 becasue I don't have one. sooo $2,500,000 x 0 = $0. They stole those scenes! Movie makers are monsters!!!! lol jk.
  13. What was the cost for these? Kind of looking for rudder pedals :p
  14. 55 kbp/s slow, while on STeam it updates at 10 megs...
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