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  1. This issue has been fixed in DCS Open Beta "If born on ground, force WOW to true during the first few seconds to avoid gear up due to improper external device switch position"
  2. It appears to happen when I spawn with the switch in that position. I will test to make sure and video it.
  3. Should there be a weight on wheels switch implemented in the JF-17? As a number of times I've accidentally spawned with my landing gear switch in the up position on my HOTAS mistakenly and the landing gear has retracted. Which of course I only realise when I'm ready to taxi!
  4. Often the fire does go out after just a single extinguisher has deployed.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions gents
  6. Hey fellow simmers, I need some advice on how to make my controls setup more comfortable, as currently it is causing me back pain. After adding a 10cm extension to my TM Warthog it now hits the front of my seat (more than it did before) which means I have to lean forward and sit uncomfortably. The improved control feel from adding the extension is excellent, especially for helicopters so I loathe to remove it or add a longer extension. Photos of current setup, applogies in advance for the mess and crotch shots! https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZYblTkZRut8X4cR2WjKm6K1jngOhuNilEw7 Any suggestions on what I should change? Thanks all!
  7. Update: Removed any directories* that related to control inputs, that broke DCS in that no mi-8 specific controls were show in the controls config page. So I put the folders back in and then the fire button started working again. Weird, but at least it works now. Thanks all! * D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Mi-8MTV2\Input\ D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config\Input\Aircrafts\
  8. I'm no expert but yes the mega will have no problem powering an LED, as long as it's not a high power one. The max output it can provide from USB power is 500mA afaik.
  9. Thanks AlphaOneSix, interesting to know that. :thumbup: If it's possible to let us know, what are the Mi-17s you maintain used for and where?
  10. Yes, that was just temporary. But thanks for pointing it out :thumbup:
  11. Why is that out of interest, just because we have GPS now? Also thanks for posting this info, overkill for DCS but still a fascinating read and a small window into some of the work you must do on these birds.
  12. Thanks Lixma; I will give that a go :thumbup:
  13. For some reason the weapon release control has stopped working in the Mi-8 for me. In the controls setup that line is ‘highlighted’ as per screenshot, not sure why as none of the other controls are and they work fine. I can bind the control to my joystick but neither the joystick or keyboard button ( space bar ) will activate the weapons. Have flown the Mi-8 quite a bit so am pretty confident I have the heli setup during the missions correctly to be ready to fire weapons. Eg, arm switch on and red lights above weapon ammo counter is on/lit. DCS version
  14. Bump - just to clarify it looks the version number in library.properties inside the new release hasn't been updated. So I'm wondering if the code has been updated in this new release?
  15. Thanks Ranma13, I'm using an Arduino Mega for this project, so that should have enough PWM ports.
  16. Thanks for all the info gents, it's really appreciated and I've learnt a lot! I will wire the LEDs directly to the arduino rather than using a relay or mosfet. Will also test out some different resistors to control the brightness of the lights. PS: PWM brightness control would be great, but I don't know how to implement that with DCS BIOS, although I understand the concept of PWM brightness control.
  17. Thanks Warhog, I will read up on mosfets as I'm 99% sure if all the lights are on it will exceed the board limit.
  18. Hey all, I'm making a new panel for use with DCS BIOS. It has 8 LED switches which I would imagine would be too much load for the Arduino's max 40Mah max output. So just to double check, I would need a relay for each of the LED switches to control the lights so I don't overload the board?
  19. Hey all, I'm trying to update the version of DCS BIOS libraries in Arduino. I thought it wasn't upgrading but looking at the library.properties file it seems the version number hasn't been incremented. See attached screen shot. I've also been unable to use get anything with the Mi-8 to work with the new version so I'm not sure if the new code for it has been included in this version either. Or if I'm just doing something dumb! Mi-8 sketch also attached. Thanks in advance! Generic_Mi-8_001.zip
  20. Thanks gents, I will test this out and post back here with the results.
  21. Fire as in 'a process in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke; combustion or burning.' Thanks I will try that code and see if it works. Unfortunaelty it seems the mission editor doesn't allow you to choose 'APU Fire' as a failure option. So I will have to get shot at until the APU catches fire hehe
  22. Thanks for your hard work in adding the Mi-8 to DCS Bios.:thumbup: I've started integrating it into my first panel, but I cannot find the APU fire LED? What is it called? I am probably being blind so please forgive me!
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