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  1. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is possible within DCS, but I have an input device for which I can access the data via C++. It does not present itself as an HID / joystick-like device. I am trying to figure out how I can interface with DCS, so that my input device can emulate the function of a mouse clicking on interactable elements in cockpits. Ideally, I could get DCS to simply read it as though it were an actual mouse sending clicks. I've already looked into emulating a mouse at the system level, which can be done but requires writing a Windows driver for a virtual device. Distributing this for 64-bit systems would require paying several hundred dollars to have the driver digitally signed before Windows will allow people to install it. Hopefully I can find another way to make this work.
  2. karn1948

    Desert 3.0

    Altering the seasons has no effect, regardless of the season selected. I have also tried Starway's Ground Texture Mod 3.2 and it has no change. I did notice that the folder structure of the mods is a little different than that of the Mods folder though. In the mods folder, I find the terrain texture files inside "DCSWorld\Mods\terrains\CaucasusBase\vfstextures" whereas the folders for these texture packs appear as "Bazar\Terrain\vfstextures". I wonder if this is part of the problem?
  3. karn1948

    Desert 3.0

    I am having the same problem... cannot get any terrain textures to work. Same folder structure, and using JSGME.
  4. *zzzzzOOOOOOOOOOOoooooommm* ... SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT ... **BOOM** :)
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