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  1. Is the material around the fingertips thick or can you still feel properly? Is there a possibility/are there plans for a tipless version of the gloves? As far as I can see there are no electronics or sensors of any sort in the tips ... this would be a lot better for VR when having a HOTAS with a lot of different buttons, switches, knobs and so on. I know I would be much more inclined to buy them if fingertipless. In fact, this question is the only thing stopping me from buying and using a pair.
  2. The being indirectly claiming a CPU running 95C° is not hot, hear hear... Reason truly has escaped you. Keep capslocking Mr. or Mrs. Strawman.
  3. The fact you just put up strawman arguments because you're a true champion at misinterpreting is quite amusing to say the least. I'm not keeping away because I'm wrong, I'm keeping away because there's no civilized cure for your ilk.
  4. You're not even realizing who you're talking to. I will not participate in any strawmanning-chatter with you, keep trying if you wish though. Gnadentod out.
  5. Good you've acknowledged this. I seem to remember this was what I was saying and nothing more.
  6. Never was I talking about a comparison between CPUs in terms of TDP or maximum temperatures and neither did OP. Facts still stand, you can heavily downvolt Ryzen CPUs while still having the performance intact - but at less heat generation.
  7. Ryzen CPUs run super hot due to the voltage AMD has allowed them to run on out of the box (which are still safe, but makes CPU very hot). Downvolt it using Ryzen Master. With this you can also set up a profile in which, if activated, the CPU doesn't change frequency up and down and runs on its highest clock in a stable and static manner. I was able to downvolt to 1,15V for 4200MHz on 6 cores on Ryzen 3600 easily.
  8. Not crap, but cannot compete with the usual top of the shelf processors.
  9. Flown with a Reverb and 5700XT, which is on performance level of 1080Ti and 2070S ... it works. It's not the end all be all but it works, you would want to upgrade down the line before showing this to someone you know but hasn't tried flight sims in VR yet for example - not sharp enough.
  10. And Monstertech deskmounts aswell as a JetSeat. Nothing broken or damaged, all of it is working and is also fine visually. Was in use for like 200 hours and is clean. If interested PM me, payment in normal bank transfer. I sell them as a single piece seperately, not all as one purchase. Crosswinds are the dark version. Sold: JetSeat Throttle Stick
  11. It shouldn't overcalculate the intercept/impact point. I've also seen 9Xs doing this. Passing a target in front of its flight path instead of the back, without pulling massive Gs to dodge it, which doesn't make sense. That's not how these missiles are intended to be.
  12. SLI/NVLink or Crossfire support has to be specifically implemented into DCS itself afaik. There's the point.
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