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  1. I and my friends have this problem now. We can not connect by IP and we do not see the same servers in the list at the same time.
  2. I don't have antivírus. I can't connect on another public servers too
  3. I Can not connect in any server or by IP with a friend. I opened 10308 port in firewall and modem. I don't know why this is occurring. Can someone help me?
  4. Tracks AV-8 RIPPLE.trk AV-8 RELIGHT.trk AV-8 CTO LIDS RET.trk AV-8 CTO LIDS NORMAL.trk
  5. I could've made some mistakes, but in a casual training fight I've found some possible bugs: 1 - APU doesn't shut downn after takeoff when the aircraft reaches 325 kt (item, page 2-31, TO A1-AV8BB-NFM-000); 2 - engine airstart won't work. But I'll check it again, because of the Engine Airstart Envelope Chart (page 4-8, same TO); 3 - ripple drop bomb won't work; and 4- Conventional takeoff weird behavior. The aircraft rotates next to wheel/tire limitation speed (180 KGS). I didn't try with LIDS retracted and didn't check if the configuration gross weight is restrictive. I tried differents pitch trim configurations.
  6. Barao

    Mission 2 crash

    I discovered what happened, I had installed the 476th - Air Weapons Range Objects Thanks
  7. Barao

    Mission 2 crash

    Any news about this subject?
  8. Barao

    Mission 2 crash

    Thanks Logs.zip
  9. Barao

    Mission 2 crash

    I tried two times, after I rejoin whit Colt (TACAN 18 out - 20 NM), DCS stop to work and crash. This occurs before and after corrent DCS update 1.577. PS: It's a great campaign
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