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  1. Ah ok excuse my mistake then, Hopefully, it will be a close to modern version.
  2. ED does have their work cut out for them for sure. One thing I will add is that it would be awesome if you can play as a pilot walking up to your aircraft and boarding your aircraft but I'm guessing that will never be implemented or will be very low on the priority list.
  3. They said that it was Eurofighter II so I'm guessing that's Eurofighter tranche 2? Seems like that would include (copy and pasted from wiki): Tranche 2 Block 8 New hardware standard with new mission computer Block 10 Enhanced Operational Capability (EOC) 1, improved DASS, IFF Mode 5, Rangeless ACMI Air/Air—AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM, IRIS-T digital Air/Ground—GBU-24, GPS-guided weapons, ALARM, Paveway III & IV, Rafael LITENING III Block 15 EOC 2 Air/Air—METEOR, Air/Ground—TAURUS, Storm Shadow, Brimstone Block 20 EOC 3 The more advanced stuff I kinda doubt will be in there. But time will tell. And hopefully won't be cancelled like the last one. Can't friggin wait
  4. Still after all this time they still not have been upgraded. I mean last time since 2013 they seem to have the same animations. And the rpg soldier just stays in a crouched position even when moving. I mean wth, how hard is it to programme??
  5. Eurofighter now in development! Eurofighter now in development in news. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-03-27_Typhoon/ So yeah how do you like them apples? Lol Ask and you shall receive.
  6. Getting some pretty bad screen tearing on DCS world with a Freesync 2 monitor and RX 5700 xt. Anyone know what I can do to reduce it or get rid of it? I don't want to have to resort to V-sync which locks it at 30 fps.
  7. If thats the case then good thing to know that I'm not the only one looking for this module. I hope the developers see this and make something happen.
  8. Reason I asked is because I remember a third party developer was making this as a module but it stalled, and now it has been cancelled I believe. I take it theres no news of a new one or a continuation? And isn't JF17 a 4th generation aircraft made in the same time period and yet that was released? Im guessing if they wanted to make it they would replace the classified systems in the real aircraft with an interpreted system and either loosely based on the real one or not at all. Probably wouldnt be a full fidelity aircraft either.
  9. Any chance we will get to see this aircraft as a module?
  10. I have no idea how the mod managed to take over the files from main game because I only used JSGME, which shouldn't overwrite the files unless I install the mod in JSGME. I will reinstall the game and go from there I guess, thanks for your help everyone.
  11. Ok so I tried installing another mod through JGSME and it works. Yet no matter how many times I try to install and download this mod I honestly don't see a difference between the original and this. Anyway I screenshot the area surrounding Kutaisi with both the mod installed and without it and the two pictures dont look any different: Original [/img] Can someone tell me if this is the actual mod or not?
  12. I have used it with other mods with it already, but this was before I had to wipe my main drive cos of my computer going through a laundry list of problems. Still one would think everything should be just fine. I will try installing another mod and see if that works.
  13. I have followed all the steps down to the letter, still doesn' work, I even tried deleting JSGME and installing again. Is there a video online of someone instructing how to install the mod? It would be handy to see what I am doing wrong.
  14. Can't seem to make this mod to work after I have installed it in JSGME. I am using the 2nd update (update 2.0) for DCS version 1.5.3. Is this why its not working?
  15. Was wondering if the DCS world developers will be adding more unit types? I know they are a small team and they're pretty much super busy with everything they are doing. However, there are a few gaps for some of the ground forces. Most noticeably in the US ground forces not to mention the infantry section in the game for both the USSR and the US. The basic units are all there, what's needed to play the game as a flight combat simulator, but the game also has that ground forces component in the form of combined arms. It would be nice to see if this was complemented by some more units. The USSR side has a nice amount of units to its side but I can't really say the same for the US. While in real life the US doesn't have that many ground forces when compared to the USSR, they did have more units in real life than in the game that were a core part of their operations. I got my inspiration for this post when playing Wargame: Red Dragon. While I'm not expecting DCS world to be like Wargame in terms of the variety of units involved, but it would be nice to see it fleshed out a bit. Would also like to mention that the USSR only has 3 types in the infantry section and the US only has two (not including anti-air). Some more infantry units would be nice: like special forces, anti-tank infantry units for the US, etc. A minor issue really... but you gotta admit the added immersion effect of adding more units would be welcome.
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