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  1. kpack

    snake eys no drag ?

    AH got i guys :thumbup: gota but the switch under TEST from A to M :joystick:
  2. kpack

    snake eys no drag ?

    OK ill try that . and in the Cockpit i dont habe to der anything or ? Just select the bomb....
  3. kpack

    snake eys no drag ?

    I think its bugged or something , i have to dive straight down to See the Piper. No Chance to See the pip even if Seat is full up and i standing up with oculus rift :cry:
  4. Hey guys just bought the 2000c and testing the bombs. I got the Problem that when i want to drop the snake eyes the piper wont come up. i have to make i dive like like with the mk20 so i see the pipper ? i watchd videos on you tube and the ppl dont need to dive down like that cause the snake eyes got the low drag( in one vid the guy is going straight at 500 and 200feet and the piper is infront of the plane) , so the piper is more up. my pipper is always the same , no difference if mk20 or snake eyes ? am i missing something ? oh and really sry about my bad english :noexpression:
  5. AWESOME work Ranger :thumbup: keep up the good work. Now i love to watch my replays
  6. kpack

    Suche Staffel

    Hallo nach einiger Zeit im Single suche ich eine Staffel, die mir das können und A und O des Fliegens beibringt. Bevorzugt F15C ... kann auch A10C und KA50 fliegen. hmm zu mir , ich bin 34 und fliege mit Hotas warthog und pedals und würde es so realistisch wie möglich bervorzugen. Ich bin anpassungs fähig und hoffe eine Staffel zu finden wo ich trainiert und gut ausgebildet werde. :pilotfly:
  7. LOVE YOU GUYS for the quick response big THX . sry im a such a noob but DCS is so amazing:pilotfly:
  8. Hey guys i just bought FC3 and want to train the F15 and the 27 but i got no training missions. what am i doing wrong , i installd and fc3 is showing up and i can play campain . But when i go on training there is no training for the f15/27... sry for my bad english
  9. Hey sry to come up with this again, but i searchd and tryd everything:mad: im in mission 2.3 and before start when i go on INT and ask for rearm i get a COPY... and rearm works. So i fly mission deliver my bombs get my mavs at target and my gun ammo emty.... then i fly back to batumi put coms on 131.000 request landing, then i land i get taxi to.... ok and then i go to INT and ask for rearm refeul but i get no reply . what am i doing wrong ?:cry: i use hotas whardog hot mic button forward (then on the top right i see interphone then f8...) also tryd on vhf but it dont works. what i dont get is that before take of it works but after i come back an land it wont AARGHH
  10. OCULUS RIFT DK2 BIGGER HUD Hey guys just found this AWESOME:pilotfly: i coulnd not read the hud in my dk2 now i found to change the hud so you can read it Go to: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_definitions.lua if you want it for other plane or heli just go under aircraft and instead of a-10c pick your plane/heli then open with notepad then in : Line 5# you find this new_K = 73.5 --44 edit the 73.5 to 34 and you can read the HUD like a god :thumbup: the line should then look like this: new_K = 34 --44 if you want it bigger just make the 34 smaler lets say 28..... thx to PeterP
  11. didnt had check the easy coms but i checkt it then clickd ok then uncheckt it and then ok again now it works ... nice now i can use my wingmen to show me some AAA units that i cant find ....:joystick: THX for da help guys
  12. yeah , and its on start on 124 and vh2 im really dont get itö
  13. Hello i got a problem , i am trying to make the training mission for comms but my wingman dont repond. i did everything the instrucor sayd turn on dl and the vhf buttons then down on the pannel to opfer and on com. Then i press r-800 button and the F1-... menu opens, nothing is greaed out every thing is white so im on the right frequenze. then i press F1 for all, then i F5 for change fromation then F4 for trail . But nothing happens my poilot is saying nothing and my wingmans also dont answer.... tryd every F1 .... commands just nothing happns. also tryed the vhf auto button and the r-800 button but nothing aaargh im going crazy pls help
  14. ARRRGH NEXT mission or same misson, i was shoot at had no landingear and no left wing. but i hit about 9 targets . And i manged to land :thumbup: Then i shut of the to engine pumps on the left (big red 2x) after rotor stopd i hit f8 then f3 then i here ok( and my copit door was open , and rearming worked fine )... waited 5mins nothing happend ? :helpsmilie: what do you mean with external power switches (where) sry i can do the cold start blind now after 50x trys, hehe but i dont knowth e names. hmm perhaps i should try to get not hit hhehehehe p.s. i love this game so hard but so rewarding and in oculus dk2 the ka 50 is so so amazing
  15. hmm ok how do i shut down everything so i can make the repair + then the coldstart again.... there is no tutorial for shoutdown
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