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  1. Hopefully you got it sorted. I only discovered them by chance as I'd only seen the water "on" "off" assignments. It wasn't till (in desperation) I started looking at the .lua in order to try and program the function myself I suddenly spotted them under H2O. Doh!
  2. There are commands for the Water switch that allow it to be used in 3 positions. "H2O TO Else Off" and "H2O LN else Off".
  3. Wow you must be immense fun at parties! As you clearly missed my point I will explain... This often used 'boring and repeated to death sarcasm' expression is actually in this instance correct for once, as the actual release will (hopefully) end up being released in two weeks time. Its called irony.
  4. Thank god it wasn't just me. I've been banging my head trying to figure out what I was doing wrong after it working flawlessly in the FA18. Hoping for a fix soon!
  5. And its very nice! Much better than the original V1 seat.
  6. Thankyou for your efforts, much appreciated for sharing!
  7. Yes a minor point, but an important one as far as immersion goes, I would have to agree. It just makes them look a bit stilted. Would be nice to see this and other improvements to the ground crew as things progress.
  8. While I have some sympathy for a small company trying to both make and promote a module I would be more inclined to accept ignoring a 3rd party platform such as Hoggit, but the ED forums? I'm sure I am not the only person that has interest in various modules and products that fall under the DCS World umbrella, therefore for me, it is the most convenient place to browse for info on those products, so it would seem good practice to post here to keep their fans (and prospective customers) better informed? It would appear not.
  9. @Alec Delorean Understood. I think around the same figure as you but that would need to be total price as I mention in my post (shipping/taxes, etc).
  10. I think my main sticking point would come down to shipping cost/import duty that I may be hit with, so if any details regarding that could be shared further down the line would be very helpful. Also if we could hear about the complexity of the kits and level of expertise required to put them together, etc. I would ideally go for a pre made seat (as my DIY skills suck) but again this would have to be factored into the total cost of a pre made seat including delivery and import duties/taxes. Can we also expect to see some reviews of the seat at its current stage of development or are you wanting to further develop and tweak the design before 'putting it out there'? Good luck!
  11. You won't be disappointed! I recently had my PC out of action for a good couple of months (before Miles came to the rescue!). Getting them back on makes it feel so natural to point at and manipulate controls in the cockpit again. I really couldn't imagine flying without them and am really looking forward to the V2 FPU's. While they are not perfect (what is?), Miles always stated that they would be an interim solution to the problem of interaction in VR, well it's been a good few years now and I have yet to see anything equal, let alone surpass the functionality these bring to the party!
  12. I believe this and other additions will be released in the next Beta (which should be next week, as far as I know).
  13. Yes I would like to see this too. I have a couple of friends that are not and probably never will be into flying but would enjoy co-op. If ED made this available there could actually be a positive uptake on those that 'dabble' in the game as the gunner and from there become interested in other aspects of the game, maybe not even flying but as a RIO (F14) or a front seat gunner/co-pilot (Huey, Gazelle, Apache, etc), which would require them to purchase the module. From small acorns...
  14. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for the detailed write up! I've ordered a new system (with a 3090) and will be 'going live' with my G2 when it lands, currently on the Oculus S, (which has served me well). I have only had a quick 'tinker' with the G2 so far, so your settings will be invaluable! Cheers.
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